Thursday, January 21, 2010

English Lesson

Sorry, had some last minute changes to my schedule; apparently the chaos that ended last week bled a little into this one. I haven’t been seeing much daylight lately, either, and that’s probably contributing to my slightly (ha!) sour mood.

Alas, I have no time to comment on all the latest gossip and news in model horse land today (like the gloss Treasure Hunt Othellos!) It looks like I’ll have some time to catch up on Saturday. In the meantime I’ll just reprint a useful little cartoon from last year’s Sampler:

It was fun to do; I love to draw, but most of my creative energies have been focused elsewhere. (Right now, I seem to be in a Decoupage phase. As in actual cut paper, not the Connoisseur Sucesion.) I have plans on doing more in the future with this concept - here, and in the Samplers. It won’t be a regular feature though, just something done when the mood strikes, and if the subject matter works with it.

1 comment:

appaloosa said...

Hahahaha..this is hilarious! How often have I seen non-horse people (and even those involved with the real thing) refer to Belgian Horses and "Belgium" horses... too funny!