Friday, January 8, 2010

Dark Mustang

There’s nothing overtly special about the next horse, except that he’s gorgeous. Behold my very dark buckskin #87 Rearing Mustang:

I paid a pretty penny for him - more than I thought I would have to pay, anyway - but some models just have to be had, y’know?

Added bonus: he has painted eyewhites, too. (A little hard to see, but trust me, they're there.) That’s a rare feature on early Buckskin Mustangs. It was my primary motivation in buying him; the fact that his color was so dark and rich was just a nice bonus.

Painted eyewhites were not a universal feature of all early Breyer paint jobs. Some models and some colors never had them, and some models rarely came without them, like the Brown Charcoal version of the Mustang. Beyond the Alabaster exceptions (they weren’t necessary!) there doesn’t appear to be much rhyme, reason or rule to early eyewhites.

At first glance, my dark Mustang could probably pass for Bay. There have been rumors of Bay Mustangs floating about for years, presumably based on the fact that the color was a part of Breyer’s limited color repertoire in the early 1960s. Surely they must have at least considered the idea, right?

I don’t doubt that there may be a few authentic, vintage test color bays - either gloss, or matte - out there somewhere. But I highly doubt that there was ever a regular run or special run of them, however brief, as I’ve speculated might be the case with the Gray Appaloosa Shetland Pony. At least with the Shetland Pony, there do appear to be a handful of authentic pieces out there. All of the "bay" Mustangs I’ve seen in person were either later tests or, like this boy, exceptionally dark buckskins.


Latter-Day Flapper said...

Aargh, I'd love to find one like that. My #87 is a typical 1980's version (I got him for Christmas in 1987): Golden-yellow, painted solid with no shading. Not too bad, but certainly not the same as the earlier, brownish ones with shading.

I do have an older bay Fighting Stallion, though, who has some of the best shading I've ever seen, and a palomino Grazing Mare who is a lovely dark toasted-marshmallow color. Sometimes you get lucky.

Zoomer Zoo said...

i have this same one, painted eye whites, color, shading. mine however has scratches and what not. but it appears to be a chalky (solid white plastic)im looking to sell a handful of pieces from the late 60s - early 70s range. im having trouble figuring out what they're worth but if anyone is interested send me an email @ and I can send list, pics, or if some one could help me with appraising or a general price range id very much appreciate it.