Monday, January 11, 2010

Boldly Going

Interesting choice of BreyerFest Celebration Horse this year, don’t you think? I was wondering how they’d bring the "Hollywood" theme: All Glory’s owner is William Shatner. Yeah, the one and only. Sweet!

The story so far is that only his wife Elizabeth will be on hand; man, could you imagine the autograph line that would ensue if he did? I don’t normally get my models autographed, but I’d make an exception here!

I’ve long considered the model horse community to be just one of the more peculiar offshoots of SF fandom. When I received my first issue of the MHSJ, back in September 1978, I was both delighted - and relieved - to discover that so many of my fellow hobbyists shared my other nerdy obsessions.

I was a bit too young to watch Trek in its original run, but my brother and I both avidly watched the animated series in the early 1970s. I received the complete series as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, and was surprised at how well it has held up. (The animation was cheesy - pure Filmation - but the stories were solid.)

This isn’t Reeves’s first encounter with Trek: remember the 2003 Best School Horse Contest Winner #1251 Commander Riker? He only happened to be named after TNG’s "Number One," but it still gave me a bit of a thrill to my hobbies collide unexpectedly.

Come to think of it, I did pick up a Commander Riker in the NPOD last year, among the boxed up warehouse leftovers. And he was in a leftover "Madison Avenue" box. You know, of the Rejoice mold. (Spooky!)

I’m not all that displeased with the mold choice; All Glory may be a Standardbred, technically, but in a photograph on the inside cover of the BreyerFest 2010 supplement he looks almost exactly like Rejoice mold. I think we’ve become a bit spoiled on the "new mold for BreyerFest" idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new mold shows up in the Tent Line SRs, or in the NPOD itself.

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