Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Little Miracles

After a few minutes of consideration, I decided to buy a Gabriel anyway. Mostly predicated on the assumption that Tahoe is very clearly not happening for me. 

I have no preference on the color, though I am intrigued by the braided mane change on the purple and gold ones. I haven’t been a big fan of the alternate braided manes on molds like Roxy, Idocus or Newsworthy, but it looks nice on Nikolas – in fact, I think I like it better than the loose mane version!

They upped the quantity of “Coals” to 24 this year, and I am going to presume that they are equally divided between loose and braided mane variations. I’d love to be able to find out in person, but I am not counting on that at all, especially since I already had my Christmas “miracle”:

FWIW, I did actually gasp when I opened it!

This is the first time I’ve ever pulled a Chase piece from a non-Walmart Blind Bag assortment in the wild. Judging from the state of the box when I found it, it had been gone through at least once before, obviously by someone in search of the metallic “Ultra Chase”, because all 24 pieces in the box were present and accounted for. 

There was no method to my madness: after I had groped for all the missing pieces from the standard Mystery Horse Surprise Series 3 and threw in a couple extras just for funsies, I literally grabbed the first Croi-corn I felt in the Mystery Unicorn Surprise box and headed to the checkout. 

(I bought a big bag of taffy, too, but I do that every time I go to that store because it’s the only place in a 20-mile radius that sells the good stuff, and I’m too cheap to buy it on the Internet.)

Other than that, I spent most of the 4-day weekend binge-watching my shows (yes, Strange New Worlds is as good as they say it is!) and working on a couple of long-term sewing projects. 

I was mildly surprised that they announced a second BreyerFest Diorama Contest – an online one, to complement the in-person one – though I am just as hesitant to enter it as the original. I think I’ll stick to my current plan of live showing and customizing, depending on how the beginning of the year shakes out. 


Yvonne said...

Don't leave us hanging! What brand is this GOOD Taffy you speak of?! I grew up in NY and going to the shore to get Salt Water Taffy as we watched the guy turn it out was always a treat. Now I just find rock-hard, plastic taffy here in MN. SO do tell!!

ANDREA said...

I can't speak for regionally made stuff, but for nationally-distributed brands either Sweet's or Taffytown are acceptable. Not whatever that weird stuff Tractor Supply sells!

The taffy at Dollar Tree has a nice texture, but not a lot of flavor.

Christi said...

Strange New Worlds is great! (And I amuse myself by wondering how Pike gets his hair to do that LOL)

I've managed to find the Walmart chase pieces, and got the silver Alby from Breyer, but my luck with non-Walmart chases is dismal and probably won't get better. There's only one source locally, and they all get felt over before I get there. So, second-hand or nothing, I guess.

Suzanne said...

Yep, the loose-mane version seems to have a clumsy bowl-cut! :^)

Anonymous said...

My Gabriel showed up rather quickly in as I feared the yellow gold (liked least of the colors) I do like the bobs but not a fan of the color , maybe I'll find a trade. Also Happy new years!