Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Another Decision

Just passing through again today: I am elbow deep in some heavy literal and metaphorical stuff. (Actually, I’m using the literal stuff to avoid dealing with the metaphorical stuff. But that’s as much as you’ll get out of me on either.)

Since we’ve now covered every other item in that small collection I recently purchased, here’s the final piece, who also offers me another conundrum:

Believe it or not, I don’t have this actually-kinda-common variation of the Palomino Western Horse in my collection yet. I have a Chalky, I have one with a Transitional Saddle, I have one with o-link reins, and I have one on a Clock who also happens to be a two-stocking variation. 

But a basic #57 Western Horse with a basic Brown Snap Saddle? Nope. I’ve had several pass through my hands over the years, but most of them have had condition issues, as Western Horses tend to do.

It’s nothing structural or age-related: Western Horses, like Family Arabians, tend to get well-loved over the years. This example isn’t perfect, but he is one of the nicest ones I’ve run across in a while: like the rest of the lot, I think these models were strictly display only (and maybe even residents of a well-tended china cabinet?) 

But do I really need another Palomino Western Horse? Since my time is at a premium and selling is most definitely not a priority right now, he will probably be mine until at least July, anyway...


Carrie said...

I have the same issue, multiple #57s but no run of the mill example, older or newer. That boy does look quite nice (saddle is gorgeous) & gave me 'grabby hands'!

Adah R. said...

He looks great! Keep him! I have one on the WH mold in terrible condition, no saddle, chips, etc. Got him for 25 cents! Yard sales are awesome.

This guy needs a herd. You should definitely keep him!

Leslie R said...

That is a VERY nice saddle he has!

Suzanne said...

The Western Horse is one of my favorites! You can't look at it without thinking "1950's Americana!" Honestly I went on a bit of a binge a couple years ago- and also using the term "Western Horse" a bit broadly- Breyer, Hartland, Diamond P, etc. I was so happy to get a "chalky o-ring" example, even if there was a split seam and the tail was drilled through.