Friday, October 22, 2021

More Silly Sales Season Stuff

More Tractor Supply Exclusives are showing up, including the Appaloosa Ethereal Wilder and the Gray Bobby Jo Cirrus. Both are… different than I expected, but not enough to go out of my way to get them. 

The Stablemates Unicorn Foal Surprises are another matter. They might not even be actual Special Runs, but early releases of 2022 product, like the carded Stablemates Unicorn Paint Kits from a few years back. But with the Stablemates market being as crazy as it is, I’m not going to sweat over them, whatever they are.  

Second, the first offering in the 2022 Stablemates Club is an Appaloosa Fighting Stallion named Dax:

Maybe it’s just my Seasonal Affective Disorder kicking it into high gear this year (so much so that I broke down and finally bought a light therapy box this week) but I don’t find him all that exciting either. I mean, he’s nicely done and I love the name and all that, but maybe I’m just a bit tapped out on the Stablemates Fighting Stallion already. 

It also leaves me a little concerned: I’d rather not have the Stablemates line turn into a series of “miniaturized Traditionals”. With the release of the Mini Me of the Premier Club Fireheart, I worry that hobbyists are going to not just expect, but demand that every new Traditional mold release come with a miniature counterpart. I’d prefer entirely new molds, or releases adapted from other sources, like the upcoming Stablemates adaptation of Eberl’s Sharif, Twist. 

The latest Pony for Christmas is also out: a Bouncer named Gingerbread, in a blanket that looks like a Christmas Sweater!

It’s similar to the Bouncer release Apple Jack, but with two stockings and without the flaxen mane and tail. I am going to presume that, like last year’s Christmas Pony release Honeybunch, that there aren’t any additional markings hidden under the blanket. 

I would not be disappointed if there was, though. I am always up for a new Bouncer, regardless of the color or pattern. (Thought I did originally skip out on the Apple Jack because he looked a little too much like the original Kennebec Count for comfort.)

A bunch of other new, mostly non-horse merchandise has also been added to the web site, including a couple pairs of socks. The purple ones are 100 percent my style:

If last couple of years have been any indication, the addition of new merchandise to the web site usually precedes the Customer Appreciation Sale. I don’t know if I’m going to participate this year, especially since I just found out I have to work this weekend (and possibly others), and thus kicking my inventory plans down the road yet another week. I don’t need even more horses to account for. 

But if I can stick to mostly apparel and accessories (I do need more socks!) I just might. 


timaru star ii said...

Thanks for the inside knowledge! I would never have thought socks were a Breyer product. That must be Silver on them...

Dax strongly reminds me of Quill, with his rabicano ribs. I'm with you, I liked (respected!) the Stablemates when they were their own molds.

Anonymous said...

I would be up for a mini-me stablemate of the Adios mold and then they could stop shrinking and do all new molds!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot Kennebec Count even existed at this point! Not a big fan of the guy, although I like many other Moody molds.

Just a little hobby history anecdote: I'm the one who designed Apple Jack. In my writeup, the color was supposed to be more like the My Friend Flicka Marabella with a pearly mane. Initially, he was also supposed to have chrome, but my satellite internet was acting up and the first email was lost. That was frustrating and I didn't include that part in the rewritten second email. (I didn't think my idea would even place, much less win!) I think he turned out great, though. Also, a few people speculated that whoever came up with Apple Jack was a MLP fan, although that was not the case... I was never a girly girl growing up. MLPS were too cutesy. My mom introduced me to Breyers at a very young age, and they have always been vastly superior!

JJ Mo said...
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Kaivala said...

Oh yes min me proud and family Arabs plz. I def ordered the bouncer I love the mold. And tbf I am a fan of kennc I wish there was more variety in his runs tho. And I know silver has been done to death but I really want a unicorn silver maybe in a flaxen golden chestnut. To be fair I'd like to see alot of things .. and once I saw the arab mare preview for premier well I knew I was in BIG trouble .. I have in excess of 500 stone Arabians a lot of dup variations of early production because there was some huge ones like the opal runs but I have always been a sucker for Arabians. Side note I wish all of you your families here happy, safe and sane holidays