Thursday, October 7, 2021

Bay Indian Ponies

Regarding the Tractor Supply Special Run Indian Pony Sayen, I am not understanding why everyone is all “It’s about time we got a simple Bay paint job on the Indian Pony, yay!” when the Red Bay Black Horse Ranch Special Run Indian Pony has… existed since 1987? 

I mean, yeah, there were only 400 of them, and a lot of them turned into Shrinky Puddles of Goo, but nevertheless the notion of putting the Indian Pony in a Solid Bay paint job has been visited before. 

I much preferred the Liver Chestnut one that was briefly depicted on the Tractor Supply web site, but I guess that was an unselected prototype that we may or may not see someday somewhere else, like the Zippo Pine Bar “Chance” that ended up a Mid-States Special Run instead. 

I’m currently in the middle of completely revamping my inventory system at home, so the last thing I’m looking for is more models. 

(If I implement it correctly, I’ll never lose track of anything again. I’m hoping.)

Thriller and Equidae have both arrived but are still unopened, and my Second Chance Sale stuff is supposedly going to be here by the end of the day. The answer to the question of my Gran Cavallo – Purple, or Not Purple? – also won’t be answered until at least the weekend. And maybe after I get a few more boxes of inventory done.

(Twelve down, 26 more to go! Oh, joy…)

I also drew up a preliminary list for the Customer Appreciation Sale, if it happens at all this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets delayed or canceled entirely because of the supply chain issues, but it never hurts to be prepared. 

If it does, I just hope all the Stablemates I want are back in stock by that time.  


Unknown said...

But this bay Indian Pony is dark and shaded, where the BHR one was a rather flat red bay. The TSC IP is really quite lovely. I am, however, biased, as she looks just like my late, much-loved mare. Yes, I bought one (or two :)).

Christi said...

I want (need!) to hear more about this inventory system w here you don't lose things anymore. I started checking my inventory last year, with SMs, and found quite a few that weren't on The List. Oops.

Suzanne said...

I'm a sticky old fart. I prefer the older method of shading, even if it isn't as realistic. The shading between the muscles makes the horse look hollow.

Vajarra said...

Sayen is really quite nice in person, I'm probably biased because I love Indian Pony though. I do wish they released the chestnut version though as it was really nice.

Anonymous said...

Sayen is a Beautiful Indian Pony but I was surprised to see a wedge on his face! None of my other Indian Ponies have that.