Monday, February 22, 2021

Old Wooden Stables

I made the mistake of watching a couple of hoarding videos last week (I was trying to get caught up on the latest Curiosity, Inc. Hoarder House cleanout; I swear I saw horse-shaped objects and well, you know…) and now I’m in deep cleaning mode, again. As if I don’t have enough to do.

But hey, the garage is definitely looking navigable again. 

All kidding aside, I really do need to make myself scarce for the next few weeks and get some things done around here. I may also have a scheduling change soon that may make the timing of some of my posts extremely peculiar. 

As I like to say, no rest for the wicked.

Anyway, here’s another thing I purchased recently that’s much more exciting than the visuals give away. Behold the #7000 Stable for Traditional Size, the plus-sized counterpart of the #7100 Stable for Stablemate Size, of the same vintage (1976) and in the same style box:

As for that label? I made the mistake of forgetting to tell the seller to wrap the box in paper before shipping it. It didn’t incur a lot of damage, fortunately, but I should have known better and that’s my fault. It was someone who obviously didn’t deal with Breyer items very often who just happened to stumble across something that was that unusual combination of rare and obscure. 

I don’t like to assume that the seller in question doesn’t know what they’re doing, but lesson learned. Nevertheless, it’s still something that’s very much a thing I’ve been wanting for years and I am very happy it is now in my possession. 

Especially since the likelihood of something like this showing up again anytime soon is also unlikely. Until recently, I assumed that both of these early Breyer stables – like the Breyer Rider Gift Set with Palomino Adios – were never officially sold retail, but that now does seem to be the case, at least on a very limited basis.

After this, Breyer only attempted to market one more Stable of its own before being purchased by Reeves: the Traditional-scale #7025 in 1980. I’m not certain #7025 was even manufactured; while the #7000 and #7100 both briefly appeared on Bentley Sales Discontinued Price Lists, the #7025 never did.

There have been numerous Stables issued since then, and many of them are also quite scarce, including Reeves’s first official attempts in 1986/1987. Both appear to be the same or a very similar stable that was sold in Holiday catalogs as early as 1979, but not officially marketed as a Breyer product until 1986. 

There have been almost countless Stables since then, from Stablemates scale to Traditional. While I wouldn’t mind adding a few more to the collection, space is definitely an issue. The only ones that would seriously attract my attention now would probably be the #7025 (if it even exists), and maybe the 1986 and 1987 ones (#200 and #201, respectively) but only in their original boxes.

There’s also a Play-Well Stable Set in its original box on eBay that’s been piquing my interest; it’s the same set that was sold by mail-order companies that sold Breyers and Hartlands direct to consumers as early as 1962. 

It sort of boggles my mind, but in a good way, that the market for model horses was strong enough that other manufacturers were creating complementary products for them. 


Anonymous said...

I've got a barn with a gable roof and copula and slat type stalls. It's got a hayloft and a window on each end the back wall is solid. The front side is open. Traditional scale. It knocks down for travel. Do you know anything about those? For some reason, I think it might have been a JC Pennys or Sears catalog offering, although I bought it second hand in the 1980's.

It's not a Dakins (remember those........gosh those are the ones I used to drool over as a kid but could never afford one!).

Yvonne said...

My father made me a copy of the #7000 (with a few, better, modifications) when I was younger and I treasure it to this day! (I'm 52 this year, so we're both quite the antiques now!) Those old photos sure do trigger my nostalgia button...

Unknown said...

Anon-I believe that barn came from the JCPenney Christmas catalog. You can find a picture here:

This is the model I have. It does separate into two sections which makes it easy to transport.The roof detaches from the barn. In addition the hayloft floor is removable as well.

There's also a partition between the back of the horse stalls and the back of the barn. It's a good place to store accessories and other items. Or Stablemates. Some of mine lived there for awhile.

Overall it's a great barn and I like the fact that it is roomy inside for accessories and other items. And for a kid it was just fun to play with.

Anonymous said...

"Unknown," thank you, that was it, letter B in the Penny's catalog! Wow, prices sure have gone up since then! The barn was $30, a set of 3 traditional horses was $30!

Suzanne said...

Don't blame yourself! Ebay sellers- really any seller who uses the word "vintage" to describe their wears- ought to assume the item is a collectable and should be packed carefully. I know I've probably irked some knowledgeable sellers by advising them "these may be plastic but they break and get scratched easily!" but you can't ever be sure what sort of person you're dealing with. I'd bought horses from a seller with nothing but positive feedback for selling horses- and what a crummy job packing the ones I received!

Suzanne said...

Oh, forgot to add: that is so adorable, the Traditional and Stablemate barns side by side!

TK said...

Oh wow, the "western stable 201" was actually my very first barn. I still have it, even though it's falling apart a bit ;) It's been so long I'd forgotten what it was supposed to look like.

Anonymous said...

I got this horse stable when I was 8 gave it to my cousin and she played with it! I’m 56 and found the exact one at the flea market today! I bought it! So many happy memories playing with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have a original Breyer Western Stable. It’s at least 45 years old. It’s not in the original box but all the pieces are there. I’m selling it if anyone is interested! Email me if interested! Kristy Meza