Monday, July 20, 2020

Sorting Things Out

Still not done dusting; I was distracted by the fact that my BreyerFest orders have been upgraded to “Fulfilled” on the Breyer web site, and now that’s all I can think about.

The rhubarb pie didn’t help, either. (I don’t know what magical ingredient my mother puts into it other than rhubarb, but it’s great!)

It’s kind of interesting to watch the transactions for BreyerFest Surprise models take place entirely online this year; it’s still not entirely clear to me (beyond what the most common color is) what their relative rankings are, and I think a lot of transactions are still being based strictly on past history and overall desirability.

(Actually, I would prefer that they make all colors in equal quantities and let hobbyists sort out them out purely by desirability like they did with the first couple of Surprises, but Reeves is going to Reeves.)

Keeping in mind that I have the annoying habit of picking the “rare” one out of the lineup right off every year when I go to take a look at the Silent Auction set first thing Friday morning: my first choice is the Roan Pinto because I have a thing for Roans in general and I think it’s the prettiest one out of the set, though the Silver Bay is a close second.

My second is the Appaloosa because it’s been forever since I’ve drawn an Appaloosa Surprise (the last being the Spun Gold Surprise in 2011) and that’s even longer than my Glossy drought (the last and only being the 2012 Stoneleigh Surprise).

But anyway, enough of the blatherings. Here’s the situation with this year’s Samplers.

I’ll print up about 20 copies to start, and the rest on-demand, with the first batch ready to be mailed out on Friday. After that, they’ll be mailed out as my schedule permits.

All I am asking for is a dollar to cover the cost of postage and supplies, sent via the donate button off to the side here or via PayPal directly, using my Yahoo account (leeta87). With your address, of course.

I haven’t had a chance to pull out older copies out of my files yet; aside from the dusting, my other big project has been pulling and sorting all the unfinished quilting projects crammed in the nooks and  crannies not occupied by horses, and holy cats, that's a troublingly tall pile of work to do. It is almost as tall as I am, and I am not short. 

I do have several copies of the 2018 (I accidentally left a bundle at home that year!) so I can toss one of those in easy-peasy and at no extra charge, but the rest will take a little more time to sort out.

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