Saturday, April 6, 2019


It looks like I found my birthday present early this year:

A Forever Saige, in the same Turquoise paint job that the Scottsdale Stampede Centerpiece Foalzilla Peplum came in? With a name that actually makes sense? Yes, please!

Incidentally, I am still baffled by Peplum’s name. It just seems so random. Did somebody wear a turquoise-colored peplum to work one day? Was it pulled from a random name generator? Or did someone run across the word in a mail-order catalog and immediately think “That’s a great name for a model!”

These are all variations of things that I have done over the years, sometimes with similarly odd results. (I’ve been itching to name someone smaragd for years, for instance.)

Anyway, the fact that they invested some time and money in creating those elaborate copper veining die cuts meant that it was a matter not of if, but when we’d see this pattern return.

I wasn’t expecting it to be this soon.

Regardless, I’ll have to wait until the end of the month – when it’s actually being released – to pick one up. I just finished my taxes and… let’s just say I’ll have significantly less fun money until then.

I’ve seen some grumbling about it being an unfavored mold, but I know how this game is played: that doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily be easy to get. If there’s money to be made, hobbyists will buy it no matter how much they say they dislike it in public.

And if it is truly unloved, I’ll have the luxury of handpicking, like I did with Bandera. (Note to self: still need to pick up a Gloss Bandera when I finally get my inventory issues worked out.)

I’m still not going to fret too much about it either way, because lucky me actually has some local stores I can shop from when the time (and money) comes. None of that preorder nonsense for me!

That’s all for tonight, folks. My office isn’t going to clean itself.

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Anonymous said...

I am so getting Bisbee when she is released. Love the mold, and the colors. I live in AZ, so it works.