Monday, March 7, 2016

Another Swing ... and a Miss

While the rational argument would be to wait until they get to the wait list, I also know I’m not the kind of person who gets picked from wait lists, so I’m just going to get on with my life and declare myself Dugan-less.

It hurts a little more than I thought it would, but some of that may also be work-related.

In other news, the Silver Saddlebred went for what I would consider an irrationally high amount – north of $3000, which is more than what I typically spend on models in the course of a year (or two, sometimes three or four…)

Oddly, I’m more optimistic that I’ll someday find one of those Saddlebreds in the wild, as opposed to a Dugan. The Saddlebreds were distributed in such a way that they may genuinely show up in a garage sale, estate sale, or flea market someday. It may not be in the best condition if and when it gets found, but the possibility is there. And I’m not all that picky about condition.

Items that are distributed internally – within the hobby – tend to stay in the hobby. They may come up for sale more often, and are in better condition, but unless someone is desperate or just wants them gone, NOW, the markup tends to be significant enough to essentially render it unavailable to someone like me.

Sure, weird stuff happens – I certainly wasn’t expecting to find a Shannon and Excalibur at a local sale less than a half hour from my house, for instance – but I think I used up a couple year’s worth of model horse mojo on that find alone.

On an unrelated note, we’ve finally gotten another BreyerFest SR hint, which appears to be a Black or Dark Bay Forever Saige. The Blog blurb makes it obvious that she’s supposed to be a Namib Desert Horse, and not a Vlaamperd:
Our next Special Run pays tribute to Africa where herds of majestic feral horses run free through the desert.
Not what I thought they’d go with – Egypt is in Africa, and therefore (I thought) a fair justification to include a Weather Girl in the lineup – but it’s an interesting and creative choice.

I kinda like the Forever Saige’s slightly bratty attitude anyway, and I don’t share the currently fashionable disdain for black paint jobs, so she might be getting put on my buy list. Especially if her markings/detailing are interesting, and I can’t locate an at- or near-cost Premier Club Forever Saige.

Well, off to do something creative with my frustration for the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

No comment since you never reply

Anonymous said...

I, too, find it interesting that you rarely reply. Why?

ANDREA said...

Because my online time is actually rather limited due to my work schedule and other offline commitments, especially lately. I am dreadfully behind on my e-mails.

And I've never been the most social of kitty kats; the whole social media thing is like an alien construct to me. Heck, I barely use my phone for anything other than getting texts from work.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good grief, I comment even when I don't expect a reply. Why? Because I'm not a spoiled baby who expects everyone to pay attention to me.

It's your blog, Andrea. You don't need to explain yourself.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It wasn't meant to cause that reaction. I'm not a spoiled baby, either. I definitely like my alone time rather than everyone paying attention to me. I come here for information and her expertise. When questions arise that aren't answerable on Blab or ID Your Breyer or even through Breyer, the "history diva" is the person to ask. It's just frustrating when we don't get answers — or even acknowledgement that the question is unanswerable on any platform, that's all. If I reach out to Andrea on her blog, I am this close to possibly having an answer.