Monday, March 14, 2016


The next release of the Web Special “Berries Ponies” series is out (already?), and it’s a loose mane/tail version of the Newsworthy mold:

Other than the Connoisseur release Golden Boy, all of the other Newsworthy production releases since the mold’s introduction in 2008 have had the braided mane and tail.

Intriguingly, a promotional picture of the Best of British Connemara Pony release also features the loose mane and tail, and is shown on the web site alongside the braided version:

Only braided versions of it have shown up – so far. I’ve heard conflicting information about whether or not we will be seeing this loose version in the wild; I think it’s just a matter of time. After all, those pictures have been up on the Breyer web site for a while, and we now have an actual (albeit small) release using the loose mane and tail.

When there is one, others usually follow. Whether or not the photo was intentionally used or not, Reeves might have to make them now just to get us to stop bothering them about it: for better or worse, we hobbyists tend to be a rather annoying and persistent bunch.

I’ve always preferred the loose mane/tail version; the loose mane, in particular, is just better sculpted than the braids. In this form, he also looks like a more refined and updated version of the old #300 Jumping Horse.

While the Connoisseur Golden Boy isn’t necessarily the hardest of the Connoisseurs to find, and the prices aren’t too crazy, I’ve been pretty good at limiting my Connoisseur collection to those pieces that I’ve won. (With the sole exception of a Tortoiseshell Buffalo Taima, who is actually a Sample.)

That being said, I’ll probably only do my “enter once, hope for a lucky draw” thing again here. While I think Persimmon is adorable, and I certainly would not turn him down if I get drawn, that money could best be used elsewhere right now.


Corky said...

Persimmon is adorable, and I much prefer the loose mane and tail too; was very confused seeing release photos of the Connemara with the braided mane and tail. "But... but... I saw a photo of it with a loose mane and tail, I'm sure of it!" Here's hoping they start to show up!

Anonymous said...

I'd like the loose mane even more with a heavier forelock, but Persimmon is a lovely color.