Friday, February 21, 2014

Potholes and Things

The week was looking up by Wednesday: the sun was shining, the snow was melting, my mild cold abating, Spring Training was underway, I was just about caught up with sleep - and I even solved a quilt design problem that had been vexing me for several months now.

Thursday morning? I had the pleasure (not) of meeting the largest pothole in Macomb County. I suppose I should be lucky that all I got was a flat tire and a bent wheel: I swear it was about the size of a dinosaur excavation site. I didn’t see it until it was too late to swerve because it was 5 a.m. and full of water.

Florian is now fine, but after what I had to go through to get him there, my thoughts are not of the organized sort. I am most definitely not leaving the Pajama Perimeter tomorrow.

Since I never gave y’all a formal introduction, Florian is a 2011 Jetta Sport Wagen, with an all black interior and exterior. Unlike Drama Queen Sherman, Florian is like a calm and considerate boyfriend. If he were an actual person, he’d wear black turtlenecks, work from home as a Web Designer, and own a couple of Weimaraners and a bossy and overly affectionate Corgi.

Enough of my overly detailed interior life…

I went back to the Salvation Army - all the Grand Champions were gone, with the exception of one with a missing leg. There were a few more Horse Shaped Objects added to the dump bin mix, but only if you defined the word Horse very loosely. (Like those rubbery horse things from Dollar Tree.)

I did not win a Web Special Greek Goddess Hera. Not-winning didn’t bother me all that much until the Pothole Incident. If any week deserved a pony at the end of it, it was this one. The flea market can’t reopen soon enough.

I like the newest BreyerFest release, a Bay Semi-Leopard Appaloosa on the Carrick mold, named Bonne FĂȘte (Happy Birthday). He reminds me a lot of the Beswick Appaloosa, and I’ve always wanted (and could never afford) one, so he could be a happy substitute - depending on who else makes the lineup. The color looks great on him; a lot of people seem to agree.

I also enjoyed the photo of Carson Kressley on the Breyer Facebook page, holding what appears to be a Glossy Gooitzen. I don’t know if that means that they’ll all be Glossy, or that it’s a special piece just for Carson, or what. If they’re going to be Glossy, that means the Costume Contest prizes might be Matte - or something else entirely. (Silver Filigree? Ooh, pretty!)

I didn’t look too deeply into the commentary to investigate, as I suspected it was going to turn into another "Why Can’t We Have Another New Mold Instead" round table. In spite of the fact that new mold introductions on Celebration Models are the exception, not the rule.

Something happens once or twice or a few times at BreyerFest, and suddenly it becomes an inviolate rule. They had an impromptu Free Raffle for the Small Poodles at the 1997 BreyerFest, for instance, and it took two or three years of hobbyists loitering at the Horse Park before it sank in that it was just a one off thing, not an ongoing thing. (I admit fully to loitering the first year after; it’s not like we had a whole lot else to do back then, anyway.)

I like a little unpredictability. Keeps everyone on their toes. A little, mind you, not total chaos. Had my fill of that over the past two days, thank you.

Something more cheerful and history-filled, next time.


Anonymous said...

I didn't win a Hera either :/ oh well *shrugs*

Kristian said...

I love the appy Carrick. Can't wait to get him in July *hopefully*

Corky said...

I didn't expect to think "wow" when I saw the Appaloosa Carrick... but I did!