Monday, September 2, 2013

Better, Better, Every Day Better

Blood tests confirmed that it was pancreatitis. Vita came home Sunday night, and is doing better.

The first night was a bit rough - she was still kinda grumpy, and a bit off her feed. Today she has her appetite and most of her attitude back, but the new diet is not particularly to her liking, except for the chopped bits of cooked chicken breast.

It’s a lighter work schedule for most of us this week, so we should be able to monitor the little invalid’s needs as necessary.

The garage sale went okay. We sold a lot of the bigger stuff, and made enough to justify the effort. The handful of Breyer bodies that I put out, of course, sold first. I didn’t go to the flea market on Sunday partly because I didn’t want to see them again so soon. It’s not that I overly care about the markup, but the events of the past week have definitely put me in a less charitable state of mind than I usually am about such things.

When I went up to the local grocery store to get some last minute ingredients for dinner, for instance, I found myself yelling unprintable things at the participants of one of the floats getting ready for the Peach Festival parade. (The float was sponsored by a local organization I have had issues with in the past - both its mission, and its members.)

But, on to more positive thoughts.

My Glossy Lucy should be arriving tomorrow. Yay!

I made some neat new additions to the research library recently - including an original 1972 Dealer Catalog. The price was right, it filled a big hole in the archive, and I had just enough money in the Paypal account to take care of it.

(Crummy picture = scanner kaput. Yes, I checked to see if my hand-airbrushed Misty was a match for the one on the cover. It is not.)

Once I wrap up some other business (all that’s been left hanging due to the events of the previous month) my next big project will be to whip my files and archives back into shape and get back to doing some serious research, because dorky me really does miss it.

There’s the collection culling, too, though all the stories I’ve been reading about the rash of nonpaying bidders and buyers is making it less and less of a priority at the moment. I don’t foresee myself making a huge number of new additions in the next few months, anyway, other than (possibly) more ephemera. The garage sale has given me enough room to handle the overflow for the time being, too.

That’s it for today. As I mentioned above, my real-world work week is light, so I’m hoping for a more productive online week ahead of me.


bubbasmom said...

Girl, what is your ebay ID? And do you have a saleslist?!?

Inquiring minds neeeeed to know:^D

Anonymous said...

Poor Vita. Glad she's getting better, though.

Little Black Car said...

Ugh, pancreatitis! My late dog had it twice (it's not why she's a "late" dog, though; she lived to be seventeen and just plain wore out). Not fun. Hope she bounces back quickly.