Friday, August 30, 2013

Pearl of Great Price

Well, that could have gone better.

Vita had been feeling unwell for most of the week - feeling restless, throwing up after almost every meal, eating grass, etc. By Thursday night, she was refusing even her most favorite treats, and had us so worried that we ended up in the emergency room of the vet hospital.

(Vita refusing a marshmallow? Unthinkable!)

X-rays ruled out a blockage or tumor; the initial bloodwork suggested pancreatitis, so she’s been at the hospital since then, for fluids, monitoring, more tests.

We visited her earlier tonight and she seems to be doing a lot better. In fact, she wanted to play with the other dogs there more than us. And the vet techs think she is just the sweetest dog ever.

Brat. It’s good to know if we ever need to board her that she’s totally okay with that, which I suspected would be the case. (We don’t call her "Miss Congeniality" for nothing!)

Anyway, it was kind of hard to focus on the garage sale and a medical emergency. I had to rely on another family member to do signage, and that didn’t work out so well. But Saturday is the "big" day at the Peach Festival, so new signs plus and improving Vita equals a better day, right?

Something simple, of course. Another nice Ninja Pit find - not as rare or exclusive as some, but still pretty good:

The Pearly Gray Classic Warmblood, part of the #712070 "Welcome to the World of Breyer Kit" with blanket, backpack, and booklet. A perk of Deluxe Kid’s Club membership that was also distributed at tour and PR events, they only made about 600 of these sets, making it scarcer than both the Tennessee Titan and the Lady C Store Specials.

Alas, for some strange reason a lot hobbyists aren’t all that into the more modern Classics. There’s a perception that they’re more toy-like, and specifically geared towards the younger set: thicker legs, more simplified features, brighter colors.

There are a few more modern molds I’m not all that crazy about: the Morgan Foal is just a little too smooth and angular, and the Morgan Stallion has an almost tubular head and boxy muzzle that bother me.

The Warmblood Stallion, however, is one that I happen to like, a lot. I think he strikes a nice balance: not too artsy-fartsy, but not too toy-ish, either.

The paint job, too: I know some of the newer releases are pearly or metallic to the point of being quasi-Decorators, but this fellow is just pearly enough to pass for freshly washed and groomed - just the effect that I believe Reeves was going for.


Courtney said...

I happen to love this mold as well! Great find!

Anonymous said...

The set of classic warmblood molds has grabbed my attention like none of the other new classic molds. I just haven't been able to bring myself to shovel out the asking price for this little gem yet. Nice find (as always)!