Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Can’t Help Myself

So the new Web Special, Luna, glows in the dark? I am intrigued, but since my money is going to be tied up doing other things, I won’t be entering for her. Much.

(Only once. Because the possibility of entering a contest and winning on just one entry appeals to me.)

The concept seems a bit muddled, though, somewhere in the foggy middle ground between "Halloween" and "Fall". That does sort of bother me, a little bit, my fondness for glowy things aside.

Because I just can’t help myself, here are a few more extremely vague clues about the business that's been keeping me up the past couple of nights (and more to come).
  • Things were seen that I had not seen before. (Take a moment to think about the things I have, and the things I’ve seen.)
  • Conversely, things were seen that almost everyone has seen before. ("Everyone" being defined as the kind of people who frequent this joint.)  
  • Although I may "profit" from this venture in the long run, I will not be making any money off of it.
  • All shall be revealed the night of November 3rd.
Back to work!


Heather said...

I am lost....no idea what this post is about! Help!

Liz said...

Hm, did Breyer finally take you up on their offer of being a consultant of some sort, then--and thus, you were visiting their headquarters and got to see the infamous vault?

ANDREA said...

Alas, no.

I did see the sample room, once. Long time ago, though.

Carrie said...

Absolutely no hep at all! Now my brain's running in 14 MORE directions than it was before. Gadzooks! the suspense!