Saturday, October 13, 2012


I am elbow-deep in paperwork and prep that I need to get done by Sunday for the road trip, so it’s another pretty pony drive by today. This one is a Daytona that I picked up in the NPOD last year:

There were a few other pieces from the Sunshine Celebration that were also made available in the Pit that year, but by the time I made it to that particular corner, Daytona was the last one available.

Not that I’m complaining: he’s beautiful. I am so in love with dark seal bays right now it’s not funny - to the point where I’ve been lingering a little too long over pictures of the Heartland High Tech Hackney, even though I know I shouldn’t.

BTW, don’t get your knickers in a twist over the availability of these models: it seems pretty clear to me that they were a part of the infamous "Sample Room Cleanout" that occurred earlier that year. They were all priced at event retail, too: none of us lucky enough to stumble on these treasures got a "deal" on them. (Other than not having to pay the aftermarket mark-up.)

He - and I’m assuming, all the others - had the same mold marks and backstamps and VIN numbers that the regular production pieces did, so it seems that they may have been pulled from the production run to be used as photography/display/promotional Samples. Normally Samples are made - and shipped - ahead of production, but it may have been a case where they were crunched for time, or felt it wasn’t necessary, adding an extra model or two to everyone’s production run instead (or pulling from the spoilage).

Whether or not there are "true" samples (sans VIN numbers) of said models floating about, I do not know. Probably.

Regardless, this is a classic case where provenance is important.


Anonymous said...

Hi i know this has nothing to do with your post but your e-mail is not listed and i don't have windows mail set up on my computer i have a model of the running mare that i have always considered to be wild diamond i was reasearching her to put her up on ebay and i noticed mine is darker than all the ones i have seen and she also has a white diamond on her nose. do u know if this is ooak i have been unable to find any others like her.Thank you for any info u can give me i know the darker paint is no big deal that lots of models can have color variations but the white on the nose and in the somewhat shape of a diamond???

ANDREA said...

It's hard for me to tell if it's a variation, oddity or test without seeing a photograph of it first.

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