Friday, September 28, 2012

Shopping Roundup

I suppose all - or most - of you have found out about the latest Special Run surprise - this one being a Gloss version of Zenyatta’s foal, available on her web site. As of my posting this, there still do appear to be some left out of the 500-piece run:

Like Pavlov’s dogs, I salivated right on cue and bought one, too. Dark, chocolately bays have been my weakness of late - and in gloss? I was doomed.

Speaking of shopping…

While I love road trips (I’ll be taking one very soon!) I don’t take much joy in day-to-day driving. Getting stuck in traffic jams makes me wish that automotive engineers would stop trying to coax more horsepower out of smaller engines and just devote their time to finally inventing teleportation technology, dangnabit.

I had to do way too much driving for work this week; the only thing that made it bearable was that it gave me a chance to go to stores in areas I would not normally travel to. I like to multitask, so getting a little research done on the way to or from work? Excellent.

The first store I got to hit this week was the Tractor Supply, to check out their holiday selections. Like last year, it’s all Regular Runs, Holiday merchandise, and possibly a smattering of farm store stuff (those trailer sets cobbled together from factory leftovers.) I did really dig the Holiday Horse "Buena Noche", but I’ll save my natterings about him for sometime closer to the holidays.

And I finally managed to get a really good look at the Padre there: I still don’t have a Spirit mold in my collection, and all the other releases in that mold have prices outside of my comfort zone. However, his HUGE ZOMBIE EYES scared me away. Reminded me of that one Adventure Time episode. You know the one (or should):

I don’t want a scary-looking horse staring at me while I sleep, either.

While I certainly haven’t been to every Walmart within driving distance of my house, I’ve now been to enough to conclude (for now) that they are only a figment of the Internet. Then again, I didn't see of the Mesteno Mustang SRs in these parts, either, so maybe it’s just a regional thing. (Which doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, since Breyers sell really well everywhere else around here.)

Then, just today, I swung by one of my "local" Tuesday Mornings to check out their latest offerings. Some of them received a small (and unadvertised) shipment of Breyer stock, mostly (but not entirely) discontinued Elvis Collection merchandise.

This store had a couple of Kongs and a couple of Bears; I took a modest fancy in one of the Bears, but I managed to escape without him following me home.

I will admit, it was a close call: my other two Bluegrass Bandits have nonrealistic finishes, and the pretty mahogany undertones they put into what would have been an otherwise nondescript matte black paint job were …intriguing.

Nope. Can’t do it. Gotta save the cash for the road trip. (Yes, it’s model horse-related. And yes, it’s something you’ll all hear about, when it all shakes out. No joke guys, it’s big.)


Unknown said...

I went to Tuesday Morning today since I'd never been and I haven't bought a Breyer in about two years (yikes!). They had a few Stablemate play sets, a couple of the purses/messenger bags with the STB SM, Kong and Bear. While I love Bear's mold, the two examples they had were pretty flat black and boring. One of the Kong's had some nice dark brown shading, but was blah compared to the other which had a gorgeous semi-gloss finish and really crisp facial markings. I had to bring home the second one and he's pretty awesome (tiny box rubs on the off side aside).

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm lucky then, my small town Wal Mart has the SR horses. But the Wal Mart I went to in a bigger town, did not have the models.

Lynn W said...

Thanks for the heads up about the foal! I haven't been on Blab or Haynet in forever, so I snagged one!

Anonymous said...

So are there new Walmart mustang sets? Those were what got me started :o)

Heather said...

Road trip....are you coming to Cali for Passage to the Pacific?
Would be a blast to spend some
time with you and yak Breyers non-stop!!!! We do know how to rock the hotel even tho it won't be fab room sales like BF!!!!!