Sunday, September 16, 2012


I did a little office cleaning yesterday; it feels good to be able to set something on my desk without worrying about something else falling off. And look what I found in the process!

 It’s the warranty certificate that came with that crazy Lucky Ranger Mastercrafters Clock I picked up a couple years ago:

(The discussion of that clock, if you missed it the first time:

The certificate was crumpled up in the bottom of the box when I found it, so I put it in the nearest, biggest and heaviest book I could find to press it flat. And then promptly forgot where it was until yesterday.

(That sort of thing happens just frequently enough that it only moderately bothers me now. I've found that worrying about it doesn’t make the process of finding it go any faster. Whatever I’m looking for always turns up eventually.)

It’s basically the same certificate/warranty that came with most Mastercrafters clocks of the era, if you’re lucky enough to find one. It’s not my most obscure bit of Breyer ephemera (oh, where do I even begin?) but it’s definitely up there.

Now if I could only find that one strippy quilt project I’ve been wanting to work on…

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Carrie said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen instructions for an appliance that dictate the type of electrical current (impulses, ha!) needed. That's pretty darn nifty & I'm glad you found it again!