Monday, July 23, 2012

The Parade of Fail

Alive, but still mostly unpacked. I had to work early this morning, so literally - I’ve had no time. I just got up from a three hour nap, and I’ll have to be heading to bed again, shortly.

As you may guess from the title of this post, I failed - spectacularly - at all three BreyerFest contests this year. It wasn’t just a matter of "not winning" - I mean, I can handle not winning a contest, but it was the ways I didn’t win that really, truly hurt. (Let me put it this way: it felt like I was living in a very badly written 19th century melodrama.)

I’m still a little woozy and disoriented, so you’ll have to wait until later in the week before I can post something about it that’s both coherent and relatively ire-free. I'll try to post a few extra times this week to cover everything that needs to be covered, to make up for my extended absence. (My excuse: the Internet connection at the hotel was a bit futzy.)

Thank you to everyone who witnessed what happened, and took some pity on me. I know I wasn’t very demonstrative about it, but I truly did appreciate everything you guys did to comfort me. At least some of you have now witnessed firsthand the kind of weirdness that only seems to happen to me.

On the positive side, sales were very good this year (Would have been better if I hadn’t forgot my second box of Japan chinas, but whatever.) I sold over half my inventory, including four of the race horse prints, most of my body box, and a good portion of my books. Of course, what I bought filled up the available space in my sales tubs, so I pretty much brought home the same amount of stuff that I took. (In other words, not much different from any other year!)

Among the things I brought back included a Glossy Silver Bay Stoneleigh Surprise, a fairly impressive haul from the Ninja Pit of Death (including a WEG Chestnut Esprit - and a Steppin' Out!), a test color Shetland Pony, and a Chalky nobody had ever seen before.

All of which I will get to later this week, when I find my danged camera. 

(I know, I know, for anyone else that would have been an impressive haul, but it's me we're talking about here.)

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