Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Chalky Nobody Heard About

Feeling a little bit better, now that I’ve gotten a little more sleep under my eyes. (On the other hand, I had to break some horrible news to a friend today. Nothing anyone here needs to know about, though.)

Still in the process of unpacking; I just realized about an hour ago that I somehow ended up with two Bay Esprit "Steppin’ Outs"; seeing as I only "need" one, I’ll probably have the other either up for sale or trade by the end of the week. I’d love to trade it for an Appaloosa Stoneleigh Surprise, but seeing as how it’s the "rarest" one of the set (per Breyer’s Facebook page) it’s probably not likely.

Eh, maybe I can throw in my sample/no VIN CH Sprinkles in to sweeten the pot. (S/he is actually quite nice, but I already have a good number of "no VINs" already, and I haven’t grown attached to him/her just yet, the way I have to the others.)

Anyway, as I’m still unpacking and subject to a rather disagreeable work schedule, this is going to be short and quick. My first "big" find at BreyerFest this year:

A Chalky Black Bucking Bronco! (Yeah, I know, I got all artsy-fartsy on the photo. He does look good at this angle, though, don’t he?) I had never seen one before - and judging from the reaction I got from everyone I showed him to, nobody else has, either. The fact that I found him at all - in this white-hot Chalky market - is absolutely astounding. (And so was the price!)

He’s pretty darn close to mint, for a Chalky. He’s a "White Plastic" Chalky, too, which means that there have to be more than just a handful out there. They might have just run the one batch of that plastic, but I’m not sure quite how many Bucking Broncos a drum of Tenite translates into. (A hundred? Maybe two?)

I knew he was theoretically possible - he was in production during the classic "Chalky Era" - but even moi, the ginormous Bucking Bronco fangirl, had discounted the possibility after all these years.

If I had not found anything else at the hotel, I would have considered my shopping run a success, but we’ll get to my other big find next time.

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buckpony said...

Since you are a fan of the Bucking bronco, can you tell me if mine has any value? I picked up a black and white one at Breyerfest in 1989, but had no idea what I was looking for or purchasing at the time. I just liked the mold and the fact that it was a pinto and in my price range (probably paid around $20 for it, but I don't remember). I was only 15 years old and was at the Horse Park for Pony Club Championships that year. My Mom had told me Peter Stone would be there signing Breyers, so I packed a whole suitcase for him to sign. He sat there and unwrapped each one from the washcloth it was lovingly wrapped in and told me the story behind each one while he patiently signed them. I think I took about 20! It was a neat experience.