Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GaGa a Go Go

Still recovering, still unpacking. It’s not that I bought all that much - I actually sold quite a bit, and managed to rein in my spending - it’s just that I picked up a nasty bit of something on the way back, in addition to nursing several blisters on my feet from the boots.

Yeah, I did it. I wore the boots. And a wig, and a sparkly cape with feathers: I was Lady GaGa for the Costume Contest. In spite of the blast-furnace heat, the creepy stares of dirty old men and Japanese tourists, and the fact that they made us parade around on the dirt floor of the arena, I rocked my way to the top, babes, taking home one of the ten Gloss All Glories awarded:

He’s not going anywhere, so don’t even ask. (Someone already did.) I earned that baby! I still can’t believe he’s mine. And I still can’t believe I actually did that. I blame the boots - or should I thank them? In a roundabout way, they’ve become one of my best flea market finds ever.

(No, I don’t have any pictures of myself in full costume, but I posed for several, so they’re out there. Maybe in the next issue of JAH, even.)

I didn’t score either raffle model, I washed out in the Look-a-Like Contest, and while I did okay in the Ninja Pit of Death, I missed the really good stuff, like the World Cup Strapless and the Palomino Appaloosa Proud Arabian Foals. (That’s what I get for the unpardonable sin of sleeping in until 5 a.m.!) I didn’t get a chance to do as much shopping as I would have liked, but more than I did last year. (I spent an awful lot of time staring at Appaloosa Performance Horses, for some reason; looks like they’re going to be my next fixation.)

My roommates were all uniformly excellent, and we got along fabulously. No complaints, except for the hotel’s chronic towel shortage. (Douglas Adams’s advice is as relevant as ever: when traveling, always bring a towel.) It might have been one of the best BreyerFests ever for me, honestly. I can’t recall having that much fun in a long time.

And to all the naysayers: the All Glory model doesn’t look anything like Naranda. The color varied on them from a dark chocolate (like my Matte) to a lighter Golden (like my Gloss), all of them well-shaded and detailed. His anatomical "enhancements" did look more like a certain part of the female anatomy than the male one, but that’s a minor (and very amusing) quibble.

William Shatner showing up on Sunday was also pretty awesome. I had heard the rumor the night before, and had my camera ready, but I spazzed out and dropped the camera. I got a few blurry distance shots, but no good close up shots of the Shat. I’ll just have to be content with actually having been there when ‘Fest met Trek.

There’s much more to the story, but I really need to continue catching up on my sleep; more BreyerFest news and gossip tomorrow.


GWR said...

Congrats! AG looks spiffy in glossy.

Tehana said...

Con-freeking-gratz! You deserved it!

TRB said...

Saw the 'Shat as well on Sunday. He walked right past me and I realized it was HIM! Don't feel bad about missing models. I was there at 4 am and still missed out on the Escondido and Foals.

Your costume was great by the way!

Julie said...

I was Chaplin's Tramp. I was also the idiot that asked if you were Elton John? *palmface* Kudos to your win!I find your blog informative as well insightful. However my biggest pet peeves with Breyerfest are volunteers complaining about the volunteer model, and collectors that gripe about the SR line and the Friday mourning line. Not directed at you, but it's the same thing each year. I have attended other conventions and when it comes to their SRs, it's 1st come 1st serve with no limit on how many you can buy. That's the real pit of death.