Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Strange Times

I did go ahead and splurge on one thing this weekend: since the Stablemates discount code worked on the Starry Skies Stablemates, and adding one to my Starlight order didn’t bump up the shipping costs, that’s what I did.

I don’t know if I’ll open it when it gets here, or wait until my birthday. Depending on what the situation is with their warehouse and shipping, that question might be moot…

As you might have heard, as of last night and for the next three weeks, Michigan is currently under a Stay Home/Stay Safe executive order.

Without giving too much away about my current life situation, nothing has really changed that much for me, other than suddenly finding myself doing all my shopping for the next couple weeks in a single afternoon.

These are strange times, indeed, when you see people panic-buying glitter and scrapbook paper at Michael’s.

FYI: I needed rhinestones. Though there is a distinct possibility that the event I need them for will be cancelled: it’s the same weekend that the Seattle Soiree was supposed to be, and it’s a far bigger event with celebrity guests and stuff. (Right now it is looking about 50/50.)

Speaking of which, I assume you’ve already heard the news about the Seattle Soiree being cancelled:


I thought Reeves would announce on Monday, but it looks like they took the extra time to hammer out a couple different solution options – either cancel out and get an automatic bye into the next event (but not for your “plus one”), or get the Event Model Redmond and Stablemate Puget, and the other models will be purchase-raffled off online.

I am assuming there will be a little bit more to it than that, since some of the “plus ones” don’t have Collector’s Club accounts, not to mention the entire conundrum of dealing with the leftovers in an entirely virtual setting.

The decision to cancel the Fun Days appears to be up to the venue and what the local situation is at the time. (Last time I checked there was nothing local to me anyway.)

BreyerFest is still proceeding normally – we’re still getting sneak peaks and blog updates, anyway – though I would not be surprised if there are changes made, and possibly some activities made virtual, like this year’s Science Fiction Writers of America Nebula Conference will be.

Not sure how their virtual room parties and dance party are going to work; I don’t think I even want to contemplate what virtual room sales would be like.

But to end on a happy note: my flower seedlings look great! I am so glad I decided to start some plants indoors this year.

(African Marigold: Kilimanjaro White)

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