Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lime Green and Magenta

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, so we’ll never be able to come up with a perfectly designed model horse that everyone will love. 

But as a thought experiment I once tried to dream up the ugliest possible Breyer ever, something so outrageous that everyone’s first reaction would be DO NOT WANT.

The “best” idea I could come up with, coming at it as a person who has a hard time hating any Breyer release, in any color? 

A Lime Green and Magenta Khemosabi. (The part that would put it over the top for me: the Magenta. Almost nothing looks good in Magenta.)

Sure, there’d always be a few people who would buy it for the sake of completion, or actually have a fondness for the mold or the colors, or be able to rationalize it as being “so ugly that it’s cute!” But the majority of us would take a pass on that one.

So guess what colors the BreyerFest Bazaar Stablemate is?

Oh, my. 

Actually, I think Navya’s cute, and definitely not the ugliest Breyer ever.

Two things are working in his favor. One, he’s on the new Stablemate Cob mold Django, and I like him a lot. He’s a little narrow chested, but otherwise I don’t see any especially egregious about him conformationally.

(I’m sure there’s something wrong, but I’d rather not go down that well today. Or any day, really.)

And he’s translucent! Translucency makes everything better, regardless of color or mold type. 

Like last year’s funky Orange, Brown and Lime Green Silver Pegasus, I have no worries about Navya not selling out. Collectors and Hobbyists tend to be more forgiving of oddly-colored Stablemates, since the financial commitment tends to be small anyway.

Since he’s only the second release of the Django mold, I suspect that a not-insignificant portion of them may sell as bodies, too. The original Stablemates Club Django is still selling pretty briskly at well over his original 20 dollar issue price, so 8 to 10 dollars for a scarce new Stablemate mold will seem like a bargain.


Christi said...

My kid would love one, but he loves the tacky. :) I'd better not let him see this horse. Navya brings back a house-hunting memory. About 10 years ago, we looked at a house with a purple and green bedroom (kid room, I can only hope). Two opposite walls were a lime/Mountain Dew sort of green. The other two walls were not magenta, but sort of a faded Barney-the-Dinosaur purple. Very eye-catching combo, and Navya would have fit right in.

(Then there's my brother-in-law's attic. It's a very bright Pepto Bismol pink. Makes your eyes water a bit.)

Truson said...

LOVE the colors, I love anything translucent though!

PixelPerfectStables said...

The eyes are what's bothering me most about it! The stark black dots. I feel like that could have been done better. Perhaps they won't be so harsh in person.

Christi said...

Good point about the eyes. Breyer's eyes in general lately are hit or miss. My Acadia has very, very nice eyes. But then there was the string of VC horses with ghost eyes (Levi, the Clyde mare, a couple others). The SMs, especially the lighter colors, have the dot-eye issue, where with darker colors it doesn't stand out as much.

Truson said...

Fantasia Del C has ghosty eyes too, what's up with THAT?!