Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Different Kind of Blind Bag...

I wasn’t planning on going to the flea market today – it rained last night, and that tends to scare off some of the more delicate flowers – but I threw caution to the wind, and I was rewarded for my efforts:

Not quite the “blind bag” I was hoping for, but I’ll take it!

Don’t freak out, they’re mostly bodies. I got them inexpensively enough that I didn’t object when the lady decided to stuff them all in a single bag. One of two of them might end up in my personal project box, but the rest are going to ‘Fest.

And here I was worried I wouldn’t have as plentiful a body box as I had last year! Piffle…

Incidentally, I have now reached the point of my BreyerFest prep where I want to do nothing more than hide in the basement and work on my quilts.

Everything is actually going fairly well and according to plan. The only hangups I’m having are my sales list – I haven’t had the time to dig through my storage boxes as I planned – and the costume, which I am just not feeling right now. I know what I have to do with it, and I have all the supplies on hand, I’d just rather work on other things.

There have been a few scheduling issues at work that have been distracting me too, but there’s nothing to be done on that front until after Kentucky.

Not much else I want to say today, other than I finally broke down and bought the Web Exclusive Fiona and Rory set. (Still available on the Breyer website, though you do have to do some searching.)

I had a little extra cash in the Paypal account, and I’ve been really good this year, budget-wise. So I figured I was entitled to a couple of sparkly black ponies!


Denise said...

I too just broke down and ordered Fiona and Rory-I had to type in Fiona in the search box to be able to find them! I love this color and want more sparkly black horses! And of course more blue horses with black points like the new Cracker Barrel Arab SM....

Anonymous said...

Your so lucky to have a good swap meet you can find Breyers at. And Cracker Barrel and various other stores. I live in such a Breyer dead-zone that I have to pay retail for bodies. I got all excited over a beat-up Breyer classic foal for $3 at a swap meet and then I was like "WHY did I just buy this thing?" Oh yeah, because it is so stunningly unusual to find a Breyer at a swap meet in any condition at any price.

Sigh! I would pee my pants if I found a whole bag of bodies reasonably priced.