Thursday, December 1, 2016

In a Name

Calm down, everyone: Tuesday’s special offer on Breyer’s web site was just overstock of last year’s Tractor Supply Special Jesse, given the more generic name “Palomino Quarter Horse”. Everything else appears to be exactly the same, even the issue number:

They did the same thing with the 2012 Mid-States Special Run Bay Roan Roxy Constellations, too, if you recall.

I briefly thought of ordering one – the handful of Jesses that I found around here were underwhelming – considering the possibility that there might be some of the Chalky variation ones in the overstock.

But then they sold out, and that temptation went away. More money for the potential surprises of December, I guess!

These re-releases are a nice offer for people who don’t have these participating retailers near them, or who wouldn’t dare brave the Breyer Sales Tent/NPOD for one either (where these kinds of overstocks often go).

I don’t have any Mid-States retailers within a reasonable driving distance, for instance; if I hadn’t already acquired a Constellation, I might have taken up the offer on the web site.

(Ironically, mine is a Sample from the NPOD!)

But historically speaking, this is little more than an interesting footnote, kind of like this one:

Yes, in some – but not all – early Breyer ephemera, the Running Mare and Foal were also known as the Running Arabian Mare and Foal. (This particular snippet is from the 1964 Price List.)


Anonymous said...

I really don't think you are missing anything on the chalky Jesses. The two I saw in person weren't very pretty, imo. I actually let them escape (left them for someone else to buy) and when Tractor Supply restocked with normal Jesses, I thought they were really pretty and bought two.

I sacrificed one of my two Jesse's to customize and now I regret it, because this year I was able to get Bablyflos locally. (I initially thought Jesse would me my only chance to get a Wyatt body in person.)

So are the chalky Jesse's scarce? Other than being scarce, they were not nearly as nice as the later Jesses, at least the two I saw.

Anonymous said...

I managed to snag two chalky Jesses and one regular. I find the chalky ones much prettier with a deeper color. The normal one looks washed out to me.