Thursday, June 16, 2016

That Funny Feeling

Something told me to go to the Salvation Army yesterday on my way home from work, and guess what I found:

Horsies! And a strange, old decoupaged lunchbox that was also hanging out in the toy department, for reasons unknown. (For that weird, artsy grammar school kid? Oh wait, that would have been me, ca. 1975. Well played, Salvation Army, well played.)

That pushes the tally on this year’s Body Box to well over 40 pieces, making it easily my most epic.

There’s a slight chance I might pick out one or two from this latest cache to toss in my personal body stash – I always wanted to do something silly with a Llanarth, or do a slight remodel/beautification on the Hess Secretariat. It’ll all depend on how much room I have in the car, and how much motivation I think I’ll have, post-BreyerFest.

Speaking of… I briefly considered doing the BreyerFest Customs Contest this year. But time, again, was my enemy. I’m struggling to get my usual efforts (Sampler, Saleslist, Costume, Diorama) done in time; starting or finishing a custom, too, would have been… not good for my mental health, I think.

And I’m still not thrilled by the particulars of the contest, especially the open-ended rules and lack of a thematic component. I’d just prefer it if all of the creative contests operated under similar rules.

It’s all a little too vague for me, especially when they offer the rarest of the BreyerFest Special Runs as a prize – this year, he’s called Guerreiro:

That’s…an interesting choice, especially since the mold is also being used for the Sunday Raffle Model Areia:

Last year’s prize for the Customs Contest was the Premier Club Hermosa and Corazon, also in a pattern identical to their Premier Club release, but in a different color. So Reeves is definitely following a plan there. Though it is a bit disorienting to see a new mold used in two completely unrelated (non-Surprise) releases at the same BreyerFest.

I haven’t seen one of these guys in person yet – it was just released via the Premier Club as Geronimo, so not many have. I’m not sure if I like him or not, yet. I do find the color/pattern combo on the Areia intriguing, but I’m not buying any more Raffle tickets than the usual amount I allot myself.

Hmm, and looking at the Premier Club page, there’s that Esperanza Stablemate again. D’oh! I keep forgetting the Premier Club has bonus Stablemates now. I really wish I had the time to poke around the Breyer web site a little more thoroughly.

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