Friday, June 10, 2016

More Not-So-News Things

Typical: work gets crazy for a couple of days, and suddenly there’s model horse news everywhere.

First, there’s the Pop-Up Store Stablemate Copacabana, a Decorator on the G3 Running Mustang:

Argh! I was hoping to avoid the Mercado this year, because I haven’t had much luck in the past few Pop-Up Stores. If they significantly up the piece count on it enough that I’ll be able to stroll in Saturday afternoon and pick one up, great. If not, he gets consigned to my want list.

I have too many lines to stand in and too many activities to participate in to suffer for a Stablemate. Even a purple one covered in orange flames.

I think it’s interesting, though, that hobbyists are generally more accepting of crazier or more experimental Deco finishes on Stablemates than they are on larger scale items. Personally, I’d totally be down with the 2014 Birthday Cake paintjob on almost anything:

Second, they’re doing another Test Color Purchase Raffle, and this time around it’s something with a significantly larger fan base than the Cody:

A fleabitten gray Indian Pony. Oh, dear.

Is this going to be a monthly thing now? I don’t know if I can handle that, especially if they get around to the stuff that makes me crazy, like a Pacer, Man o’ War, or a Stretch Morgan. And if is, I hope they throw in a few more affordable pieces in smaller scales along the way, or an occasional giveaway. (Affording it will be a challenge. But gosh, a fleabitten IP?)

I’d hate to see this new thing turn into a de facto two-part event every time: the raffling, then the reselling. I guess all I can say about this one is that I hope one of her many adoring fans (if not me!) straight-up wins her.

And third, I stand corrected: the “new” Sao Paolo mold is actually the Stablemates scale porcelain Esperanza, from the Spirit Collection. That would explain her slightly cartoonish features!

I have a good explanation for missing that: I grew up in an era where all Breyers were plastic, and I still have a hard time seeing or acknowledging Breyers as Breyers that aren’t. And I prefer plastic: I was born clumsy (almost literally!) so anything fragile that enters this residence tends to end up broken or damaged at some point.

Consequently, I only have a small number of Nonplastic pieces – mostly ornaments, and mostly gifts. And while I really dig a couple of those “Breeds of the World” resins, I haven’t been brave enough to buy one, even the deeply discounted ones I see at Tuesday Morning.

But yes, definitely something that came out of left field. Or more descriptively, the parking lot behind the fence beyond left field. Makes me wonder what gets translated into plastic next...


Susan said...

My two cents: I love that Indian Pony and wish more than anything it was a RR or at least a run for CC only. That and Toro are my only wants this year. I just about swooned when I saw her picture. I find this whole test run a bit depressing. I feel it widens the gap between those with very deep pockets and those with a more average income. I aplogize if this is a sensitive subject.

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the breakables. I have the Stubbs guy on my scanner at work- he's out of the way and no one can really mess with him, yet the cleaning crew managed to knock him off the scanner and break him. And never owned up. Really, dude? You're the ONLY one in here but me. Ugh.