Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mostly Black

Why yes, there are quite a few solid black Breyer releases on tap for 2016:
  • Dag Dia (BreyerFest SR Brishen) 
  • Carltonlima Emma (the new Fell Pony)
  • Cortes C (Carrick)
  • Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit (Adios)
  • Rhapsody in Black (Weather Girl)
Add the following earlier Traditionals, still current:
  • Magic (Miniature Horse from the Magic and Hamlet set)
  • Classic Shire (from the set)
  • Welsh Cob (Llanarth True Briton)
  • Totilas
Throw in several more recently discontinued items like the AQHA Horse, and models in other scales, and it makes you think: wow, Reeves must have gotten some deal on black paint recently, eh?

I think it’s more coincidence than planning. Mostly.

Black horses had a strong pull on the imagination of horse lovers long before the publication of Black Beauty in 1877. Black in and of itself is visually striking: in a herd of Bays and Chestnuts, the Blacks will stand out. It doesn’t hurt that it also has the cachet of being a relatively rare color too, genetically speaking.

It is an easy and inexpensive color to paint, and very flattering on molds with strong and pleasing contours, like the Adios.

With all other factors being equal, Black will tend to get the nod over something slightly more common, like Chestnut or Bay. Throw in a few popular or trendy breeds that either specify or favor Black (like the Friesian, and the Fell) and there you go: a Mostly Black lineup for 2016.

Speaking of Adios: not counting Roans, Grays or Tests, the Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit release represents the first true unmodified Solid Matte Black Adios Production Run. The closest we came previously was the striking Dark Mahogany Bay #853 Mesa, released in 1991-1992.

The “Special Run” Black Adioses of the 1980s that get spoken of with some frequency in hobby circles were more a collection of similar Samples, Tests, and Gifts than a true or formal Special Run, and as far as I can remember were never advertised as such, either.

I certainly wouldn’t argue its technical or legal status if one was offered to me, though!


Corky said...

Thank you for the careful consideration! I did wonder if a deal had turned up on black paint, or if possibly there are a bunch of new hires in the painting department. I'll hope it's mere coincidence. :)

timaru star ii said...

Shouldn't that be "Adiosi" ?

Anonymous said...

Black is my favorite color for a real horse but on models I can't help but find it a bit boring. At least chestnut and bay models can have dramatic shading.

I also thought the new black Adios looked like "Mesa." I was sort of like, WHY didn't they pick a different mold rather than do a duplicate of Mesa? Maybe it won't look like Mesa in person, but in the promotion photos it sure does.

So actually, I was a bit disappointed to see all these black horses with very little chrome. Oh well, less to tempt me I guess.

(By the way, the "Yellow Mount" Adios was my favorite Breyer as a child. So I am actually partial to that mold. But even the original bay Adios has some markings/shading. Sigh.)

Ruth said...

My local Tuesday Mornings got their latest influx of Breyers this past week, and had black models in profusion: RCMP musical ride (Big Ben) apparently wasn't a big seller? The ones I saw were actually a very nice black by Breyer standards - they had nice reddish undertones and shading.

From a showing perspective, I know black tends to get short shrift because it is perceived as low degree of difficulty (debatable).

Denise said...

I know I'm in the minority but I am thrilled with all the black horses offered this year! I think that black is one of Breyer's most under-used colors (next to dark dapple gray with black points) and is my favorite horse color. When I was a child I always picked a black model horse first-and if that wasn't available then I chose black pinto, or another color with black! And I'm thrilled with more solid colors, I'm tired of all the white that Breyer has bestowed on all models within the past decade. This is going to be an expensive year Breyer-wise for me!