Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Getting Started

In a sense I have gotten started early on my BreyerFest prep. Remember those shoes I showed you a little while back that I was contemplating as a part of a potential costume/outfit?

I pulled a muscle in my foot when I tried them on last week. I’ve been limping around in various degrees of old-lady-ness (physically, and attitudinally) ever since then.

I’m trying to spin this as a positive: perhaps this means that I’m getting the standard “damage to self or personal property” portion of the trip done now, and not later? And the shoes themselves did, as I hoped they would, looked great on and made me feel a little bit more fabulous while I was wearing them.

So going over the particulars of the BreyerFest 5K Run the other day, well, it made me laugh:


Several years ago I tried writing a satirical novel about the hobby and BreyerFest. One of the reasons I put the project on hold indefinitely was because reality kept catching up with the satire. No matter how absurd I made things, reality went one better.

Remember the brief discussion a few years ago in one of the NAMHSA discussion-type-places about establishing breed standards for Unicorns? Stuff like that.

In one portion of the novel I was trying to devise the craziest, most embarrassing or downright grueling contest or activity hobbyists would put themselves through to win a model.

Let’s see, a 5K Run on the final day of BreyerFest, in Kentucky, in what is usually almost-intolerable heat and humidity? Reality, you have beat me once again.

In spite of all that, I am thinking about it. Not for a prize model – not with my feet, which are as oddly shaped and mismatched as the Traditional Stock Horse Mare’s – but because “running a marathon” is something on my bucket list. A 5K at an event I’m already at might actually motivate me to start working towards that goal. Even if I limp home last, I’d still get a t-shirt out of it.

I sincerely hope, however, that whatever prizes are involved aren’t exceedingly valuable – Regular Runs, Web Special leftovers, etc. – because seriously, I don’t want to see people pass out and/or hurt themselves over a prize model.

Just make a limited edition SR Stablemate for all physical participants, with glossy ones for the category winners. Everyone gets something special for making a good faith effort, and we can all go home happy. And in one piece.


Corky said...

This 5K sounds like a recipe for disaster! I can all too easily imagine people who aren't used to this sort of activity pushing themselves too hard, with disastrous results.

Anonymous said...

They really should have made it a volksmarch/hike and not a run.

Yvonne said...

I almost died just walking from the old covered arena to the the new covered arena in that heat and humidity. And I'm used to a lot of physical activity! The KY heat and humidity was much more intolerable than I remembered!