Friday, November 6, 2015

The First and The Last of Legionario III

I am very tired today (not model horse related) so even though there’s been a lot of Breyer-related news the past few days, I’ll just do a brief update of my last post on the latest on Legionario variations.

Here is a picture I probably should have included last time, comparing my newest Legionario acquisition with my oldest one:

Quite the difference, eh? The Legionario in the foreground was an eBay purchase who came in a 1978 Sears Wishbook Shipper box, which means he was a pre-catalog release.

Early Legionarios didn’t all look this amazing – my childhood Legionario was acquired fairly early in the run, too, but he looks a little more like Dorsal Stripe Guy than Mr. Fabulous. Except with pinked hooves and no dorsal.

And no rubs: while he might not be as flashy or distinctive as these two, my childhood Legionario (who is currently in storage, the pity) is in immaculate condition. These two fellahs above, alas, are a long way from seeing the showring.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just don't know what will win in the show ring. I once brought a glossy bay PAM w/eyewhites to a live show, just to show her to some other collectors I know. She had body rubs, definitely not LSQ.

But on a whim I stuck her in a class (don't remember if it was an OF Arab class or something else, could have been collectability) and she won a NAN card! I was shocked. The judge liked her better than anything else on the table even though she had some body rubs! So you just never know. :)