Tuesday, November 10, 2015

More Roany Rarities

I was in possession of a well-rested morning and coupons, so on Saturday I went in search of others to add to my tiny AQHA collection. I had no hopes of a Black, but I thought I at least had a shot at Palomino. The mold looks nice in that color, and if the Roan had not happened, he would have been the one I would have been aiming for.

Nope. In spite of the fact that I’m within driving distance of more stores that carry Breyers than some entire time zones possess, I never saw anything other than Chestnut and Bay.

I will have to be content with my Roan, and hope I find another rarity accidentally, as I usually do.

Or buy the Blue Roan Warehouse Reissue, when (a) I get some inventory issues worked out here, and (b) there’s a sale of some sort. Numerically, he’s probably as rare – or moreso – than any of the Anniversary Rarities, and he’s sitting right there on the web site, waiting. And he’s a roan; I have a hard time passing by a pretty roan.

Speaking of, I am rather infatuated by the latest Web Site Special – the Thoroughbred Mare and Foal Eve and Claus, in Chestnut Roan:

I can’t right now because it’s a bit pricey (not unreasonably) and I want to build a little bit of a war chest in case of Rare Holiday Special Run Animal Emergency. The previous Holiday Mare and Foal Set – the Running Mare and Foal Vixen and Blitzen – still hasn’t sold out yet, so I’m not in any hurry, though I do think that the piece count on Eve and Claus may be lower.

The Thoroughbred Mare and Foal set has always been one of those sets that polls better among the general public than with hobbyists. The original Mare and Foal Set #3155 ran for over ten years (1973-1984) and the #3367 Cupid and Arrow set ran for about seven (2002-2008).

Most of the other Regular Run sets sold well enough to be kept in production longer than the current two-year average, and the Sears Wishbook Bay Pintos set was popular enough to run in two consecutive catalogs, in 1982 and 1983.

The most recent Special Run was the Gloss Palomino Key Largo and Key West, for the 2011 Sunshine Celebration, though I feel a bit uncomfortable calling any four-piece Special Run an actual Special Run.

So anyway, here’s my thinking on this new Holiday set: it’s either being made with bodies left over from the Cupid and Arrow run, or is a precursor of another set coming in the near future.

It won’t matter to me, though if they turn out to be either Moderately Rare or Only Slightly Scarcer Than Average. I ike them, regardless.


Anonymous said...

Ugh I'm so sorely tempted by these guys!! Odd question, but I've never seen this set in person....does the foal look quite as odd as he does in the promo pics?

Anonymous said...

Do you think they'll release a third mare/foal set for this season? Seems like a lot of special runs!

Abbie said...

Free shipping today-hurray! Only....I can't find the code. Would you happen to know how to find it? :)

Anonymous said...

No code needed for free shipping today.

Anonymous said...

He's the nursing foal- typically his head is stuck up under Mom, that's why the odd look.

I adore this set, and have all save the limited, including a cool variation I've never seen before- the mare is the color of Justin Morgan, (the plum bay), and has black legs. I've never seen one with black legs... the set also came in a plain brown cardboard box with a line drawing on it. No clue where there originally were released.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the assistance! For some reason the discount wasn't working for me earlier but then did afterward :) I took the plunge-they are just too cute!!

Anonymous said...

The set is gorgeous, just FYI :)