Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Year's Trip to Chicago

So, that happened, as some of you may have guessed from the previous two posts, and from some of you actually seeing me there (or even gossiping about me as I walked by, at one point. That was weird!)

Anyway, I kept it on the down low mostly because I wanted to treat it as a vacation-vacation, rather than have it turn into the working vacation that BreyerFest has become.

It worked wonderfully as a vacation – the hanging out with friends part, especially – but as a Breyer event, maybe not as much.

There were some great parts (sipping champagne and eating fancy cheeses during the Lipizzan performances, the impromptu “product development” meeting on the Orange Bus, the kindness and generosity of some of my fellow hobbyists) and some not so great parts (being in the back of my Special Run line and getting “Double Desatadoed”, the rushed nature of the Saturday night party, no acknowledgement of how adorable we all were in our party outfits).

The griping about the centerpiece model – a pearly dapple gray Roemer – got to me enough that I had to restrain myself from yelling “If any y’all don’t want him, I’d be happy to take him off your hands.”

Even a model like Roemer has his fans; until that night I had some hopes of completing my collection this year. One of my roommates was lucky enough to win one, so I got to touch/fondle/sniff him, at least.

Ah well, I’ll always have my Bay Pinto Test.

I’ll go into greater detail about the whole thing next week; I’m still trying to sort my feelings out about it. And catch up on my sleep, too.


Susan said...

I'm so happy you were able to go. Fantastic.

Sarah Whelehan said...

Congrats on being able to attend! Glad to see I'm not the only one to leave the event with a mix of emotions.

Corky said...

Those are some fantastic models! And it's awful how there's always someone willing to complain.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't gossip, it was someone looking for you because they had a model you might want. You are the history diva, but when your name is mentioned, you call it gossip. It was a fellow hobbyist trying to help you out, that knew you were looking for something-I think it was the Wadsworth model if I'm not mistaken..but it was a while ago so now I don't remember. It wasn't gossip. It wasn't borne of malice, but your blog seems to make it sound like you think it was. Is it really weird to be recognized when you write about this hobby day in and day out, as the historian of everything Breyer?