Sunday, September 27, 2015

Behold, Valegro

Something quick – working early tomorrow, and then the (shudder) dentist – but it’s definitely worth your while today. Behold, Valegro:

These are pictures of one of the handful of Valegro samples/prototypes that made it into the hands of a few attendees invited to the Central Park Horse Show for a tea with Charlotte Dujardin; one of these lucky recipients has graciously allowed me to repost these pictures for us to drool over.

Apparently he’s one of “approximately 20” pieces, not all of whom were distributed at the show:

It’ll be interesting to see where the rest of them show up. (Raffles? Live show prizes? Web drawing? NPOD fodder?)

As for the rest of us mere mortals, we’ll have to wait until December (at the earliest) for our opportunity to get our hands on that beautiful piece of plastic horseflesh.


Emily Bevacqua said...

I have something model and real horse world related: There is a farm in my area that her son teaches Para-Olympic-qualified riders. Well, one of his top riders was at the Central Park Show this past weekend. ( Apparently she got to hang out with Charlotte, who gave her a 1 of 20 Valegro Prototype! I might be able to see it in person when she comes north again.... But I had to share the amazing tale I heard from my friend.

LostInAn80sFog said...

How am I to remain a former collector when Breyer releases enticing models like this? :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, his head reminds me of Roemer. The Breyer model Roemer. So Valegro doesn't knock my socks off for that reason.

Maybe he will look better in person. But that head shot.......Roemer!

Anonymous said...


Horsart said...

my friend and her daughter were there that day, her 15 year old daughter was given one. (dont worry its safe, they're both long time breyer collectors) she told me only the kids were given the models, and some of those who were given the model did not know the 'value' of the piece or care about it. some were given, and then left behind un wanted on the tables, and one was even dropped on the floor by it's new owner.

DrSteggy said...

I was at the event too, and I did not see any models left behind or dropped. The kids selected to go to this event had some previous Breyer event contact. There was one on the table while we watched the Grand Prix that night, but his young owner packed him up when she left.