Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Foiled Again

In case you didn’t get that e-mail a few days ago, there is/will be another Special Run for Stablemates aficionados to hunt down. They hid it at the bottom of the promo e-mail for the new Pacer release Foiled Again:

Don’t miss out on a special Stablemates Version of Foiled Again available at the Hambletonian! For a day of family fun, visit Harness Racing’s Greatest Day, the $1 Million Hambletonian Day. Breyer’s special edition Stablemates version of Foiled Again will be the kid’s giveaway item, Saturday, August 8, at The Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford, NJ. Visit The Hambletonian at the Meadowlands for more information.

The link should be active. What it says:

Giveaway: 2015 commemorative Hambletonian baseball cap to adults and special commemorative kids gift - a limited edition Foiled Again Stable Mate (with paid admission, while supply lasts).

(Yep, that’s how they spelled it.)

There was a similar promotion for the Hambletonian’s 75th anniversary back in 2000, but in that case, it was just the Regular Run Stablemates Standardbred in Red Roan, with a specially printed sticker slapped in the center of the rosette portion of the packaging. I’m not even sure if that Reeves had any involvement with it, beyond filling the track’s order. 

Those are not that hard to come by, and not too expensive, but I think that’s largely a function of the fact that it is just a slightly repackaged Regular Run item. That’s part of the reason why I haven’t gotten around to adding one to my collection yet.

A Special Run item of a well-known racehorse that Breyer is cross-promoting may be a different order of thing.

I’d love to get one – a limited edition Stablemates Standardbred? Please and thank you! – but I am not physically a child and I can’t take yet another day off from (paying) work for horse business. I’ll just have to hope that they are plentiful enough to not be too expensive later on in the year.

The Stablemates from last year’s WEG are hovering around the $25 range, which isn’t too bad, considering especially since they were sold overseas. (Expensive for me is anything over $30 for a single item.)

Actually, I am a tiny bit fearful that some of the surprises that await in the Ninja Pit this year will be of the Stablemates variety; perhaps some of those leftovers from the 2014 WEG, and maybe even some of the Highland Pony keychains that caused a bit of a stir at Toy Fair the year before last.

Darn it, just when I was thinking it was safe to start dipping my toes back in the Stablemates pond! Another thing I have to tell myself not to worry about…

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Anonymous said...

I hope they have some leftover special runs from last year in NPOD