Monday, April 27, 2015

Wind Dancer Knockoff

These Dollar Tree Breyer knockoffs aren’t new - they’ve been around long enough that gently worn examples are turning up in the "dollar a bag" toy bins at my local thrift stores:

If you’re having a hard time placing the face, it’s a knockoff of the Breyer Wind Dancer Sirocco, but with hard plastic wings and white nylon hair:

Some hobbyists have been buying them for the not-bad set of wings they come with; they’re not accurate anatomically, but for a dollar? They have potential. 

I haven’t added any real Wind Dancer items to my collection yet, other than one of the adorable little plushes they were selling super cheap at BreyerFest a few years ago. I do plan on doing so in the future: the sculpts are really nice for something specifically targeted to the younger and/or more fancifully-inclined set. With a little customizing, they'd make very passable "real" equines.

One big plus is that there are a mere seven molds, each having just a handful of releases since their introduction in 2005-2006, some of them Reissues. The only Special Runs that come to mind were the ones made for Walmart in 2005. If I wanted to assemble a complete Wind Dancer collection, it wouldn’t be too hard or too expensive.

A few pieces are harder to get - the Glow-in-the-Dark "Firefly" Foals sell for retail or better, and the still-current purple "Kona" seems to be perpetually sold out in whatever store I happen to be in.

The Scented mare and foal sets sold in 2007-2008 don’t seem to be very common, either, but I can understand the buying public’s hesitation there: intentionally scented toys don’t age well. I’m a little leery of them, too: I prefer the original "New Horse Smell"!

What the Wind Dancer line lacks in releases it makes up in related merchandise: books, accessories, activity kits, and the plushes mentioned above. There’s a lot of it, and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I haven’t kept up to date on all that.

Wind Dancers may be recent history now, but they won't stay that way forever.


Susan said...

I like the Wind Dancers, but then I tend to like frilly "girly" toys. I bought the journal and diary too. It's funny because one of my local stores had sold out of all but Kona (they had 3 of her).

Anonymous said...

My local "brick and mortar" store has all of them except for Sumartra