Friday, April 3, 2015


Well, I got parts of the puzzle right:

- It’s a Decorator!
- Green and lavender are involved!
- It’s sort of tie-dyed looking!
- The city was Giverny!

But it’s not translucent, and it’s on the Huckleberry Bey mold. I doubt most saw Huck coming, since we already had two Arabians in the lineup - the Que Sera Sera (the Bay Pinto Proud Arabian Raffle item) and the Gloss Bay Ashquar Ganache.

I’m not a big stickler for breeds-specific-to-the-theme, but seriously Reeves: Three Arabian Stallions? Sure, one’s a Decorator and the other is a "Pintabian" but I’m sporting some seriously skeptical Vulcan-style eyebrows here about your mold choices.

Only one Draft Horse so far? No Poitevin, Boulonnais, Breton, Percheron, or Auxois?

And very few Solids, too. Yes, I know spotted and speckled critters sell better, but some of my favorite BreyerFest Specials have been solid-colored: the Bay Big Ben Molokai, the Clydesdale Mares Lucky Lady and Opry, and the Andalusian Galahad.

There’s still time, and several more releases to go: Stablemates, Store Specials, Live Show Prizes, "Souvenir Shop" items, and a couple more Ticket Specials are still unrevealed. And whatever the Surprise is. (Maybe THAT’S the Draft we’re looking for?)

To give them some credit, at least they are three Arabians from three different "eras": the 1970s (Proud Arabian Stallion), the 1990s (Huck) and the 2010s (Ashquar). Perhaps they can make a quartet of them and give us a Family Arabian Stallion, too - to represent the 1950s, of course.

But I digress: back to the model in question. I’ve been a little cool on the Huck Bey mold for a while now - nothing personal, just not that into him right now - so my lack of enthusiasm was more a reaction to the mold than to the theme or its execution.

Those I find …interesting. Most of these abstract multi-colored finishes - outside of Test and Auction pieces - have been on translucent models, so seeing it on a solid white base is a little disorienting. It’s not unappealing, just not what I was expecting.

Since it’s the kind of nonstandard finish - pearled, dappled and unnaturally colored - that doesn’t seem to photograph well regardless of the caliber of the photography, he probably will look significantly better and/or different in person than he ever will on the Internet.

In other words, I’m going to withhold further judgment of whether I like him (or would consider buying him) until I see him in person.

That’s all for today, folks. The computer is acting funny tonight, and I have a ton of offline business to take care of over the next several days anyway.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Wish it was a wedgewood blue or maybe like the eiffel tower or something...oh well he still is pretty!