Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Silver Nuggets

Just a drive by today. I have to get up at an unheavenly hour tomorrow for work. Good gravy, I hate going to bed before the sun sets!

Looks like it’s a busy week for BreyerFest News.

BreyerFest tickets are finally shipping, and they’ve replaced the Saturday Concert Thing with a "Gala of Horses" show instead. The Beatles impersonators were a clever idea for the British theme, and worked, but last year’s concert? It seemed like a bit of a stretch to me.

(Let us not speak of this year's "Tonka Fun Zone". I love a dump truck as much as the next girl, but really?)

I was kind of hoping for a special, silverplated and boxed Stablemate for this year’s Anniversary - as a complement to the original 25th Anniversary G1 Saddlebred from 1975. (Which I don’t have. Someday, maybe. Sigh.) They went with Silvery Stablemates as the One-Day models, instead: a Silver Filigree G2 Morgan, a Silver Charm G3 Arabian, a Silver Appaloosa G3 Jumper, and a Silver Tobiano Pinto G3 Stock Horse.

I don’t have time to fiddle with the PhotoShop today, so here’s just my favorite, the Pinto Stock Horse, named Glimmer:

The rest can be seen via this link: http://www.breyerhorses.com/bf2014_tickets_landing. You have to click on any of the Single Day icons to view them in all their glory.

It’s interesting, by the way, that they’re selling tickets by the day, rather than as a generic anyday pass. They have been having issues recently with running out of the One-Day Stablemates well before the end of the event, so perhaps this is a part of the solution?

Since the legions of Stablemates completists buying up complete sets are a significant part of the problem, one of my solutions would be to package a few hundred complete sets and sell them during the event - in the Tent Store, or the Anniversary Shop. Those would be pieces in addition to whatever piece count they deem necessary for One-Day purchasers and walk-ups.

I mean really, it’s not hard to sell off excess Stablemates. If all else fails, they could just convert whatever excess there is into keychains or Christmas ornaments, right?

I’d love a complete set myself, but I think I’ll take a pass this year and save some for the last-minute attendees instead.

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