Friday, May 30, 2014

Pretty is Good!

The basement is still chaos, as is almost everything else in my life right now, but I did take time to open up the Athena that arrived yesterday because dang it, I needed to. You’ll just have to forgive the d├ęcor:

In keeping with the Art Historical theme I started with the Aphrodite (whose name is Saskia), I’m calling her Artemisia.

(Yes, that's a Hello Kitty alarm clock in the background. Long story.)

She has a few teeny tiny boo-boos, nothing significant or distracting. Everything else about her is exquisite. I saw some commentary in passing that described her as Connoisseur-level: I would not disagree. When Reeves gets things right, they get things way right.

As far as what happens when things go wrong, I am so not in the mood to go there. Originally I was going to write about bell curves and the amplification effect the Internet has on what we perceive as "acceptable" in the model horse world.

But I keep turning my chair around to take another look at her, and all I can think is Ooh, Pretty Horsie! That's pretty much the only level of discourse I can muster at the moment.

The brief flirtation I had with possibly selling her is gone, completely. Someone else is just going to have to go instead. (But who, and when? Argh.)

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