Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Unexpected

Mostly personal (but not overly personal) stuff ahead, a lot of it not Breyer- or History-related, so if you want to skip today and go outside and play in the yard, feel free.

My weekend: taxes, errands, Spring cleaning. Boring but necessary stuff. I did swing a little out of my way yesterday while running errands to check out a few thrift shops and Tuesday Mornings, but I didn’t find anything worth bringing home. I was hopeful, because the weekend before I found a lovely little clutch of Schleichs and stuff in the Grab Bag box at the Salvation Army Store:

The fuzzy flocked thing is going to be turned into a Christmas ornament. Whenever I can find the time, he’ll be all decorated up with rickrack, glitter and tinsel, just like the ones that entranced me at the flea market some time ago. Everything else is dollar table material, for now. (The Mountain Goat is trying very hard to change my mind.)

Although I’m trying very hard to be good, I have been finding myself cruising eBay the past several days, looking up box and body lots. It’s still a few weeks before the flea market season begins here, but my need for a quick and cheap horse fix appears to have kicked in early.

The Vintage Club Mustang is coming this week, true, but what I’m thinking of is the delight of the unexpected. We’re about due for a surprise on the Breyer web site, anyway, aren’t we?

A Spring-themed Classic would be nice. A companion piece to the Flurry from late last year? (Or Classics representing all Four Seasons! I could dig it.)

My work schedule is easing up a little, finally, which means that with a little luck I should have some stuff on MH$P (and possibly elsewhere) by the end of the week. Money isn’t the issue as much as space. Need to make a little room for the newer additions to come.

Much to my disappointment, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get to a live show this Spring like I planned. I simply haven’t had the time to select horses and prep the documentation, and I have too much to do now that Spring is more or less here. The BreyerFest show is completely out of the question for a number of reasons (NPOD, space issues, too big, too high-stakes) so it might not be until Fall before I can entertain the notion again.

I have a few health concerns I have to take care of in the next few weeks that are weighing heavily on my mind, also. Tomorrow, for instance, I’m getting a couple of old fillings replaced. If that goes well (and it should) then I have to make some appointments to finally deal with my alopecia.

It’s not life-threatening, but it is humiliating, especially when you’re one of only four people on both sides of the family who has/had it - and everyone else has/had hair so thick it’s like fur. (Even the men!) While I don’t consider myself a vain person, I can’t simply rock the totally naked look, either. My head is too lumpy and unattractive for that, and I don’t want to scare small children and pets.

This condition may be part of the reason why I have so much affection for the Appaloosa Performance Horse mold, and Foundation-bred Appaloosas in general. I know what it’s like to deal with a sparse, unruly mane.


bubbasmom said...

Ugh, I feel ya! My hair is falling out more and more as I get older (late 50's here). It appears to be hereditary - Dad is bald and Mom is thinning... I used to have so much hair, too. Oh, and all I get from the dermatologist/MD/OBGYN is "have you had your thyroid checked?" Yes, yes, I have, over and over and over.

I miss my hair:^(

Hope you have better luck at a solution than I have!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the lot with the solid faced palomino pinto western prancer? I've been eyeballing him through several relistings... I still think it's a bit overpriced, but he looks great in that variation! I thought of you when I first saw him.

ANDREA said...

RE: The Pinto Prancer - yes, I have! The price for the lot seems a tad bit high, but I've definitely been thinking about it.

Corky said...

I like Schleichs a lot--I'm a bit addicted to them, I fear.