Monday, March 3, 2014

Sweetest Thing

This cold is kicking me in the pants so hard it’s leaving shoeprints. I normally don’t miss a lot of work for illness - because I don’t get sick enough to merit it, usually - but I had to go home at lunch on Friday. We were already short-staffed, but I barely had enough energy to drive home, much less work another four hours.

Massive amounts of juice, soup and sleep have made me marginally functional today; I’ll see how I feel in the morning before deciding if a trip to the doctor is necessary. (Some credit is also due to the tender care of "Nurse" Vita, who barely left my side all weekend. Such a good girl, Vita!)

Understandably, I haven’t been online too much; I skimmed some of the Big Easy Bash stuff lightly, mostly out of professional interest. Anything more than that would not have been beneficial to my mental state anyway. (While I know on some level that I could have a free pass to the Sample Room any time I wanted to, probably, it’s 12 hours away and not something I can do on a whim. Sigh.)

It appears that the Gooitzen Celebration Models for BreyerFest WILL be Glossy. That’s a nice touch; there were a few years - 2001 through 2003 - where they sort of experimented with high semi-gloss finishes (Atlantis Bay V, RSV Inolvidable, Gladwin Lucky Gray Lady), but all of the others before and since have been Matte.

That still leaves us with the question of what they are going to do for Costume Prize models; I wouldn’t mind the Matte, but I know I’m outnumbered on that. (For now!) It’s not going to change my mind on whether or not I’m participating this year or not: I will, unequivocally. I am having some difficulty finding the components I need for my concept, however. (No hints, sorry. Some secrets have to stay that way.)

The only other bit of news that caught my eye was that there was a #36 Racehorse in the Special Run mix at the event - a Gloss Dapple Gray Pinto one? - and wonder of wonders, people were really digging him/her.

It could just be the combo of pretty paint job + limited quantities doing its job there, but it gives me hope that they might indeed pull off a Retro Release of one in the near future. The mold doesn’t have the panache of the Fury/Prancer or the classic "Old School" look of the Western Pony, so I had discounted the possibility before. The poor sweet thing barely has any personality at all, though I thought Reeves did an able job of giving it some with the 1997 Just About Horses Special Phantom.

If the Powers-That-Be are considering a Retro Release, may I recommend a Shaded Alabaster/Albino? Not only would it be a suitably Retro paint job that we haven't seen yet, linear muscle shading like the Old Molds and earlier Albino Five-Gaiters and Mustangs had would also compensate for the Racehorse mold’s lack of anatomical specificity. Lipliner would be a no-brainer, of course - a little smile to brighten the blankest of Breyer faces! 

Released in quantities sufficiently large that I can actually afford one would be nice, too. This latest Special - like the last (Gatsby’s Daisy, in 2000), is most definitely going to stay out of my price range.


bubbasmom said...

I still wish they'd done retro-releases for Bfest this year. I mean, come on, what better time to have a look back than a 25th anniversary?!?

ANDREA said...

It's still early - and we don't know the full lineup yet!

Though I think it'd be a great idea to have one "retro release" in the BF lineup every year, for us olds.

Anonymous said...

The lineup is looking and sounding really good for Breyerfest this year. All those people who said they weren't going to go, based on the first couple of horses listed, have presumably changed their mind. :)

Heather said...

BEB "Dixie" is lovely, so very happy I was able to snag one! Gloss really makes this vintage mold pop!
The "sample" room was fun...had the push-me-pull-you bull and more models with tails for ears......circa Jamboree auction and the semi-rearing Mustang with two tails for ears! A few molds with different manes and tails and one distinct mold in two sizes, one slightly larger than the other....
The "archives" were interesting....hiding in plain view were Hartlands, American Artists, BHR Indian Pony resin and a Northlight......the test/sample wall was droolworthy.....if only some were mass produced!!!
It was quite an experience and one that will be treasured always!

buckpony said...

Just curious - Does the 1997 Just About Horses Special Phantom have much value? I still have mine in the unopened box sitting on a shelf...