Thursday, January 9, 2014


If there’s some sort of merit badge for driving in extreme conditions, I totally earned one this week. The new vehicle arrived today; I was supposed to pick it up on Tuesday, but the weather and my schedule conspired against me. More about the car another day, when I actually have time to say something meaningful and coherent about it.

(Yes, he does have a name.)

As expected, they dropped the preliminary information for BreyerFest this week; the Guest Horse is a Friesian shown by Carson Kressley, named Gooitzen fan Teakesyl. On the Goffert mold.

From the comments being bantered about on the Breyer Facebook page, you’d swear Reeves had dropped a Baby Ruth into the proverbial swimming pool. 

I don’t have a problem with this model at all; I’ve been wanting a Goffert for the herd for some time. The paint job on the original release was a bit plain - one that let the sculpting do the work of the paint job, basically - and none of the subsequent releases have really captured my heart enough to keep them.

I really, really liked the Christmas Horse release a few years back, the one in a pearly Cream color, but I’ve been a wee bit hesitant to buy any of the models in that series. That tends to lead to me wanting to buy up the entire series, and I just can’t do that. (If I had ever found one in the Sample boxes of NPOD though, that might be a bit different.)

Besides, Black isn’t always Black, especially nowadays. Aside from the model probably being matte, having gray hooves, and a silvery base, there are a host of other details that could make this release as different from the original Goffert as the Smart and Shiney was from the Big Chex to Cash.

Just a few of these include: handpainted tri-colored eyes, additional facial detailing, horseshoes, point slightly darker than the body color, dappling, and a lighter and differently colored base coat (like the original release of the Traditional Moody Andalusian).

In fact, a preliminary look-see of the photograph of the Sample horse seems to show some light dappling and possibly some brown undertones.

Aside from the contests, which don’t look all that interesting to me, I’m kinda liking the stuff they have planned so far, especially the guests. Friesians, Carson Kressley, Icelandics, and Jousting? No complaints!

In terms of additional Special Run announcements, the presence of the Knights of Iceland means that there’s going to be at least one Icelandic release. I wonder if that means we’ll be seeing a Special Run on the Porcelain Moody Icelandic Horse? I would not mind that in the least, either - in porcelain, or plastic.

I only just skimmed the comments on Blab on Facebook to confirm that the usual commentary is going on. ("I am extremely disappointed!" "More money for me to spend at the hotel." "Totally dropped the ball on this one."  Etc.) Predictable, but also oddly comforting, especially during this most unpredictable part of the year for me.

Back to work, again.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but I get a bit tired of the attitude that you always have in your posts. Not everyone is going to like every single release, and by portraying blab like some kind of hell hole where all everyone does is bitch about new releases... well, it's not a very nice attitude to have. The way you constantly put down other collectors because they don't like something you do is poor taste imo.

Anonymous said...

Well, Blab is where everyone bitches about...well, everything. If it wasn't for the complaining, whining and the Breyer(or Stone)"owes ME better than this" there wouldn't be much conversation on Blab. That's just how it is.

Christi said...

I'm neutral on the Goffert. I love the Adios, though - looks gorgeous, but I wish they'd used a new name, pretty sure they've already used Champagne Toast. It won't be hard for them to make the Goffert look different from the original, but what about the Fjord, Sjokolade? Might be more of a challenge to make him less identical to Henry.

bubbasmom said...

An icelandic pony on the porcelain mold?!? I'm totally in!

Carson at Breyerfest? How much campier could you get?!? I am SO hoping I can get him to sign my horse. I even talked my sister into going with me just because Carson is going to be there.

I love the Adios, although I think @Christi was right: wasn't Champagne Toast the Jamboree SR?

I have to confess, I have the whole series of Christmas horses. I like the early, simpler ones best, I think. But you are right: that Christmas Goffert is a pretty one!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Champagne Toast was a Jamboree SR on the Rejoice mold. But Party Time (diorama contest prize - Cantering Welsh Pony)was the name of the 2009 Breyerfest porcelain shire. I wonder if it is accidental but I hope it is on purpose.

Julie said...

I'm more excited, that I get to see my model horse friends and acquaintances at Breyerfest. As well as the real horses and activities! The models (for me at least) are just a small dab of icing, on a cake that's 90% icing.
As for all the online "butt-hurt" over another black Goffert....if you don't like it...don't buy it.

ANDREA said...

Honestly, I don't think this model will be all that hard to resell afterwards. I haven't had any problem selling any of the Gofferts I've had pass through my hands, regardless of color.

It might not sell for big bucks, but few Celebration Horses outside the Alborozo do.

And there's always the option of donating it to charity. Toys for Tots would be thrilled to get a few dozen Matte Black Gofferts, I think!

Ali said...

I have an original Goffert that graces my desk, and if Gooitzen is black with a brown base-kinda like my G3 Friesian Stablemate- I would LOVE to acquire it! (Alas, when you live in Alaska, going to Breyerfest seems like the material of dreams)

Ali said...

*talking about brown basecoat under black