Saturday, January 25, 2014

Also Not Levi

Because Thursday was not the day off it was supposed to be. And some unrelated computer problems. The cold is not helping either.

The week was not completely horseless, however, as I found this little beauty during a rare moment of respite at the local Salvation Army: a Walker-Renaker "Horse of Different Color"!

Missing a couple of flowers on the other side of his head, but otherwise perfect. My three other Walker-Renakers - all dirt mall rescues - are also damaged in some way (as am I), so he’ll fit right in. I’d rather they be broken before I make their acquaintance, than have my clumsy self finish the job.

(FYI: I was tipped off to the existence of possible costuming items at said store, hence the side trip. I have been getting …notions…. Family is being unusually helpful in this regard. Strange week, all around.)

Rajah also made his appearance this week; thankfully the grace period for placing a pre-order runs through next week, giving me some time to actually think about it instead of jumping into the decision feet first.

I’m leaning towards Yes. The price is very good, the deposit is doable, the mold is lovely, and the native tack designed by hobby tackmaker Vicky Norris is an awesome bonus. It is very reminiscent of the much-coveted Proud Arabian Mare Gift Sets of the early 1970s, of which I only have a box. I’d show you a picture of it, if I could find it - the problem being my mind is slightly more disorganized than my stuff.

I also have the flier, and the horse, but those were obtained separately and cribbed together into three-fourths of a set, so I’m not sure it really counts as one. Especially since the odds of me completing it by finding the halter in a random box of goodies is about the same as me finding a diamond ring in a box of gumball machine jewelry - i.e. not very likely.

I won’t discount the possibility entirely, as I did find a pewter Jorgen Jensen ring in a box of junk jewelry once.

Considering the scary high prices that the Arabian Mare Gift Sets bring nowadays, I find it a bit puzzling to see some dismissive chatter about the tack part of this Special Run. Especially so soon after the funky Totilas wooden base Web Special offer that now has others (including me) wondering why I didn't take Reeves up on that offer.

Although I am not one of those people who collects tack, there are many hobbyists who do, so I don’t think it’d be all that difficult to sell it off if need be. Or do what I did when I was younger: throw all the loose and unwanted bits into a spare shoebox in the closet, until I decided they weren’t unwanted anymore. Or if I really, really didn't want it, toss it into a "free with shipping" box. I used to do a lot of those back in the day.

I haven’t had a chance to do more than a light skimming of the discussion of the Rajah - heck, I can’t even remember the last time I trolled for research data on eBay - but from what I’ve seen most of the criticism has been focused on - the paintjob?

I agree that the Light Dappled Gray not the most exciting choice, and perhaps a bit overused at the moment. We should all know by now, however, that the photos Reeves provides are only an approximation of reality: a middling Photoshop retouch of a likely Sample piece, at best. If I’m going to decide to the contrary on Rajah, it’s going to be something that I know is a problem already (the eternal triumvirate of time-space-money) rather than what might be.


Alyssa Monk said...


I just started a breyer blog called
and I put a link on my blog to your blog so that people can get on your blog from mine if they wanted to. Is that okay with you???


Anonymous said...

I found my blue braided PAM halter in a box lot of Breyer "junk" at an auction house! It is totally possible.