Friday, December 6, 2013

The First Unicorn

There’s another new Special Run on the Breyer web site - a set of Classic Unicorns with sparkly pink blankets, named Bella and Mozart:

No word or clue on the quantity count, since Breyer put a 12 piece order limit on it. (No "typing in a ridiculously high number to see how many it will put in my cart" gambit.) I’m intrigued: the price is good, and it’s the Classics Hansel and Gretel Pony molds that I adore. But I really am trying to limit my purchases until the end of the year.

I’m not all that into Unicorns, either, though I’ve been working on this one old Breyer Unicorn rehab project for forever:

He was in my body box for a couple of years. I can understand why: he was beat up, bent up, had a broken leg, and he’s the Running Stallion, whose creative anatomy is too much for even me to bear most of the time - though I have a rather astounding number of examples in my collection.

I don’t go out of my way to find Running Stallions: they find me. I even have a Salesman’s Sample in Bay, somewhere in storage; he’s not substantially different than a standard production run Bay, but he was cheap and came with a really good provenance, so who was I to say no?

Believe it or not, the #210 Running Unicorn was Breyer’s first official "fantasy" horse - one that wasn’t just painted an unrealistic color, but actually came with the extra accoutrements. In the Running Stallion’s case, these were a beard and a horn.

I wasn’t entirely thrilled by his release in 1982; I liked the idea of having a "real" Breyer Unicorn, but did it have to be the long and tipsy Running Stallion, who enjoyed wreaking havoc on my shelves with impromptu games of dominoes?

That was my first priority when I decided to tinker with the Body Box Unicorn: make him stable enough to stand up even to one of Vita’s full-on stampedes. Since then he’s sort of been my go-to project whenever I have leftover epoxy that I do not want to throw away. (Today that came from a repair of one of Mom’s many thrift store lamps. No, there were no horses on it.)

I don’t know where I’m going with him, artistically, other than not painting him some shade of gray or white. I’m not going to do much to him structurally, other than working on his legs a little bit more, and maybe his muzzle. Like most of my other custom projects, he’s not going anywhere, so the only person he has to please is me.


Anonymous said...

I think the hansel and gretel unicorns look nice and I adore the molds as well, but being one of the rare men in the hobby I have to draw the line somewhere. No unicorns in my herd lol. I think the random and sudden special runs in the classics line is a little fascinating though. And definitely easier on the wallet.

Anonymous said...

They have been releasing an awful lot of Classics lately, and those "Wild Mustangs" sets are being re-released. Mayer Breyer's attempting to get younger kids more into Classics? :)

Corky said...

My secret shame is that I love the Running Stallion. I know it's ugly and awkward and has ridiculous anatomy, but when I was a kid I was fixated on the black app version, which I'd seen in the Breyer catalogs but had never, ever seen in a store, and I wanted it so badly! I finally managed to score one in college, purchased through a classified in JAH. The seller took something like a month and a half to ship it, which was aggravating... but after waiting for so much of my life for him, I figured another 45 days or so wasn't going to make a difference.

I also love those pony molds... not so sure about 'em as unicorns, but there you go, you gotta spread those rainbows in any way you can, I guess!

Anonymous said...

I just bought the Bella and Mozart unicorns...they are beautiful! It's my first experience with a Breyer Classic. I was surprised at how heavy they were and I love the subtle shading. They are very classy, look great with my collection, and don't hurt the wallet too much.
Has anyone heard anything more on the "special run" and "limited" aspects of these models? I wrote to Breyer and asked if they were limited, Breyer said that they are not. Now I'm confused - so many websites are saying that they are special run limited editions, but the company said not - Help!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the flocked blue unicorn (also Running Stallion) that was made for JC Penney back in 1984? I have one in mint condition (even have the brush that came with him). He has a blue haired mane and tail as well. I understand these guys are really rare now. I also have the glossy black TRU unicorn. Unfortunately, neither stand well, but are still loved.