Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Hobby Resolutions and Stuff

I’m a little out of sorts today, though I’m hesitant to tell you why or how, because I’m not exactly sure if I know why or how.

I’ve related a few stories here - and in my Samplers - of the kind of things that only seem to happen to me. And if you’ve met or talked to me in person, you’ve heard stories stranger still. It’s like I’m a magnet for weirdness.

What happened today was not particularly horse- or model-related, so I’m not going to elaborate on it much further. Except to say that if someone else had told me the same story, I would have accused them of cribbing it from a Hallmark Channel Special.

Anyway, being in the reflective mood that I am, I’ve given some thought to some of my model horse goals and grails for the upcoming year.

First, I think I’ll try to attend at least one local (Michigan or Ohio) live show. My only objectives in that regard are to (a) have fun, and (b) not embarrass myself overmuch. I don’t plan on winning or qualifying anything, and if I do, the possibility of showing at NAN is remote. No time, no space, no money for that.

Second, I’ll try to finish off at least a couple of customs that I’ve had knocking around the craft closet. Most of the ones furthest along are fantasy-type creatures, so it’s unlikely they’ll end up on mine or anyone else's show string. (Though if one turns out the way I hope, I might make more in the future. To sell.)

Third, I’ll be dialing back on the local horse shopping for the first half of the year. My holiday sales went very well, but they just barely made a dent in the "inventory" I acquired via box lots and herd culling. I’m not going to cut back going to the flea market - that’s just crazy talk - but I’ll be making fewer pit stops at toy stores and junk shops, and put an end to the late-night eBay trolling.

Fourth, any extraneous purchases I do make will be focused on old favorites: Traditional Man o’ War, the Pacer, the Western Prancing Horse, older Stablemates. I’ll still keep an eye out for more ephemera, naturally, and might even have some to sell, once the work load dies down a bit in a month or so.

Fifth, I hope to finally finish inventorying and processing those ephemera lots I’ve acquired over the past couple of years. There’s a lot there I want to share with you all here.

And finally, I was to do something real wild and crazy for BreyerFest next year. I have no idea yet what that would be at this point, though. Ninja Flash Mob? Early Friday Morning Picnic at the Horse Park? Impromptu Dance Party in the hallways of the CHIN? Treasure Hunts involving MiniWhinnies in indiscreet locations?

That’s all for today. Still need to finish decompressing.

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Adair likesdogs said...

I'll be at BreyerFest 2014, and a random Mini Whinny treasure hunt would be so cool! ;)