Friday, February 8, 2013


Blizzards, man. Just something about having to drive in ‘em while they’re busy blizzarding that messes with the whole day. Makes me antsy and weird. (No snickering!)

I’m off ‘til Monday, so I have the entire weekend to work out that nervous energy, and I have no plans of geographically venturing any farther than the mailbox until then. Got lots to do around the house, anyway. (The usual: paperwork, e-mails, the finishing touches on another dusty old sewing project.)

The title is/was my reaction to the latest Web Special Zeus, which is yet another Silver. I love the color, and the theme (Greek Mythology), but I’d rather see it on another mold that doesn’t get quite as much love. Like the Western Prancing Horse, Stud Spider, or the Trakehner. You know, someone just a shade on the dull side who could really benefit from a punch of color.

I’ll do my one and done entry. With my luck, I’ll probably win him. If I do, there’s a greater than 50/50 chance I’ll sell him. I don’t want to be one of THOSE people, though, so no guarantees. But I have way too many models hanging around as it is that I thought were just short-term rentals…

I have no clue about the identity of next week’s upcoming Collector’s Club "Made to Order" Special - I’ve been too busy freaking out about the weather, or the dog, or astronomical events to give it more than a casual glance.

They’re hinting at something fantastical - something with wings or a horn, I presume - which would disincline me from ordering it. (Unless it’s a Newsworthy Pegasus. Don’t ask me why or how, but I’ve been quite taken with the idea. And in possession of a body.)

I’ll deal with him/her/it when I see it.

I see that the Vault Sale Consolation Prize SR Coltons are shipping out. Pretty boy! Some says the color reminds them of the old Gloss Palomino Family Arabians, but my first reaction was "It’s the Texas Longhorn Bull’s cute second cousin, twice-removed!"

(Not saying this guy isn’t cute. In fact, he’s gorgeous. One of my better restoration jobs, too!)

Colton’s neat, I like him lots, but I’ll wait until Reeves drops the leftovers somewhere surreptitiously, because you know they will. And you know where they tend to dispose of small, slightly controversial, and awkwardly distributed Special Runs?

(Remember folks. BULLWHIP. That day, a couple of weeks ago, when it was really warm? Totally gave the neighbors something to talk about. No, really.)

In other somewhat-hobby-related news, I have been reconsidering my stance on the local Zuni-enhanced live show. I feel the need to shake up my hobby routine a bit, and simply reshuffling the shelves hasn’t been doing the job.

The only thing hampering me is that the task of prepping and documentation may not fit into my already overscheduled life. On the other hand, I actually like socializing in meatspace, especially with people where the phrase "not the ice cream" never enters the convo.

I have a few weeks to sleep on it.

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