Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Other Gray Saddlebred

Oh, good heavens, there’s more hyperventilating on NAMHSA-Discussion, this time over last year’s streaming NAN video feed, which reminded me of a bass fishing video. (Some events are better left to being there. See also: golfing, bowling and competitive eating.)

Look, I’m not a huge fan of getting my picture taken either, but you know what? Once you’re gone, the pictures are all people are going to have to know your face by. Most of the pictures taken of me in the past several years involved me in some rather silly and/or moderately awkward situations at BreyerFest or other hobbyist-related events, and I’m totally okay with that.

I can clean up pretty good when I need to, but most of the time I don't find myself in that kind of situation. The me that I am in those mildly embarrassing pictures is closer to the real me than any formally posed picture could ever be. That’s the person I want people to remember.

I have absolutely no desire to be invisible. In fact, I can think of nothing more horrifying than to vanish completely.

But I also don’t make it a habit of smoking, drinking or doing anything more illegal than jaywalking in public, so there’s that. (I’m not a teetotaler: where I live and what I do just make drinking anything stronger than a Mountain Dew wildly impractical most of the time.)

Commander still sits on my workbench, unopened. Silly Vita ate something she shouldn’t have (again!) and most of the day was spent warding off a potential hazmat situation. She’s back to her old self today, but it's as if that little bugger planned it all along, you know?

Interesting. The same week that the Vintage Club Commanders are shipping, Reeves announce another Gray Saddlebred Special Run - a BreyerFest Special in Gloss Dappled Gray Sabino on the Clock Saddlebred, named Ryman.

They also put up a picture of a second Bfest Special: a Gloss Red and White Jasper, named Short Ribs. While most everyone else is having squealing fits of joy over the Saddlebred, it’s the Piggy that has me all excited. It’s the first-ever production release of that mold in a Gloss Finish.

The Saddlebred is nice - I’m sure it’ll be even more attractive in person, as is standard for these sorts of things - but the mold’s never been a huge favorite of mine, and there are still several more Specials to be announced in the coming weeks. It’ll be a while before I make any sort of decisions about what and how many. Since I might have a little less space to work with this year due to the potential new car situation, I’m thinking less will be more likely.

In fact, I spent most of Sunday - the parts where I was not tending to Vita’s scatological needs - prepping stuff to sell via every possible venue, now that it looks like I might have the time to actual do it right.

Off to work in a bit, so off I go…

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bubbasmom said...

I love that pig, too. That's a must-have for me! Think there'll be a bull, too, or is the pig the livestock-related release this year?

Wonder what the china will be? I'm speculating that since it's Denim and Diamonds it'll probably be that Al Dunning and Expensive Hobby one. I don't think there's another western-themed china except for possibly the Spanish Barb, and he's been done.