Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Maybe It's the Weather

My days continue to be nonawesome. Aside from my ongoing troubles, it looks like I might have to return my Vintage Club Stablemate Eagle, because of smudged spots.

Even the flea market left me feeling discomforted. The weather was not optimal, so a lot of the regulars didn’t show up. And those that did …weren’t the kind of people I like dealing with. (As I told my brother, it felt like "an insane asylum with a slightly better gift shop. And more guns".)

In more positive news, I did get my BreyerFest paperwork mostly done; all that’s needed is proofreading and printing, which I’ll put off until the last possible minute just in case of last minute rewrites. (You wouldn’t think that writing about vintage models would require that sort of thing, but almost every year...)

The third clue for the next Vintage Club release "Not standing" is not helpful, since all it does is eliminate the Shetland Pony and Morgan from the list, and they were already pretty much eliminated by the previous clue.

Not sure why everyone is so fired up about the possibility of the Running Mare: I just can’t see her being released without a matching Foal. Vintage Running Mares and Foals - with the exception of the Red Roan Mare - almost always came in matching colors.

I believe Reeves is thinking along those same lines. The clue is in the photograph in the Vintage Club Newsletter: it has a matching Glossy Alabaster Thoroughbred Mare and Suckling Foal in the background.

A matching Foal would either necessitate a higher price, or another Made-to-Order like Gus. I’m having a hard time seeing either event happening this year. (Especially since I think there’s at least a couple other unrelated "special offers" in the pipeline already.)

In other news, the BreyerFest Youth Show prizes were announced:
Grand Champ: Glossy Padre (4)
Reserve Grand Champ: Glossy Rocky Mountain Horse (4)
Sectional Champion: Glossy Highland Pony (18)
Reserve Sectional Champion: Glossy Shetland Pony (18)
1st place in Misc. Classes: Regular Run Little Texas
I think the Padres will look beautiful in Gloss - and the Rocky Mountain Horse? I wish. Not sure if I’m liking the fact that Sectional/Reserve piece counts are now reduced. Making the Youth Show prizes even more scarce doesn’t really help correct the issues the prizes bring in the first place.

The Saturday Raffle Horse was announced today, too: Carlisle, a Dappled Buckskin Tobiano Smarty Jones, as a Polo Pony. Here’s a link to his swoonilicious photo:   


I wasn’t expecting that. I was beginning to think that they’d maybe sneak in the upcoming Totilas mold as the Raffle piece, or a new pony mold. (Well, I guess he’s kinda new, and technically a "pony".) I’ll buy my usual allotment of tickets, and hope for the best.

As for the price that In-Between Mare brought, well, what can be said? That’s not the kind of crowd I run with.

Off to go spackle something…

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