Friday, April 13, 2012

Head's Up

My schedule for the next two weeks is totally crazy - I think I’ll end up with more hours next week than in the past two weeks combined. This is more of a head’s up than a complaint, though: it’s just that posts over the next two weeks might be somewhat irregular either in timing, or quality.

(In case you find yourself wondering "What on Earth is she posting about at 3 a.m. - on a Wednesday?")

We’re now starting to see more upcoming goodies from BreyerFest, via the Breyer booth at Equine Affaire. Newly revealed items include the One-Day Stablemates, and another of the Line Ticket SRs, a Bay Roan Sabino Cleveland Bay named Tunbridge Wells:

(The good stuff starts on Page 8, with more pictures on following pages.)

Technically, the Cleveland Bay isn’t really "new": he’s another one of those SRs that was leaked early. He’s nice, though awfully reminiscent of last year’s Raffle Horse King Arthur. Theoretically he should be pushing all my buttons - a Cleveland Bay, in a Roan Sabino! - but I’m just not feeling the love for him that everyone else does. (Though it is nice to see that some of the Negative Nellies are showing some interest in him, for a change.)

The One-Day Stablemates are all Gloss Drafts, named after different beers ("drafts" - get it?) The G2 Draft, the G3 Belgian and Friesian, and the G4 Vaulting Horse, all in various shades of gloss pintos. (The G4 "Carling" is my favorite!) They seem to be going over pretty well, too - hard to go wrong with glossy pinto draft horses.

(It’s the same reasoning I’m using to justify my opinion of the SR Pinto Shire "Cheerio".)

There’s also going to be another Gambler’s Choice model, but Reeves is being coy about it, as usual. We’ll get a better idea of the potential candidates once we learn the "name" of this special, but I’m hoping for something ponyish, like a Shetland, a Bouncer or a Newsworthy (especially if it’s the loose-maned version.)

There were also previews of two items that will be exclusive to the "British-themed Souvenir Shop" they’ve been hinting at in the promotional literature: a "Black Beauty" on the small resin Lexington mold, and "Union Jack", a Translucent Classic Ruffian painted with …a Union Jack. Weird, but kinda cool - and very reminiscent of the WEG Commemorative Horse.

When I first heard mention of this Souvenir Shop, I was a little concerned that they’d be pulling that kind of stunt on us - more super-limited items being sold at a second location, simultaneous (?) to the NPOD? Scary!

I’m not all that worried about the Black Beauty - I got issues with both resins, and Black Beauty - but I’m thinking I might need that Ruffian. (How limited is "limited"? 50? 100? 500?) There’s also the possibility that they might pull a "WEG" on us and dump some super-limited SRs in that location as well.

There’s absolutely no indication of that yet, but I got a funny feeling we shouldn’t rule anything out this year.


Anonymous said...

I'm week in my knees for the Cleveland Bay, but I only own 2 so far (Journeyman Tregoyd, and Limerick)and when I saw the BF SR I had to hold onto my chair. I live on the West Coast so It's really pricy going to BF so I'll have to buy secondhand and I have a feeling he's going to be $$. Good luck with work, and I hope I don't have withdrawls from your blog.

ANDREA said...

The frequency of the postings probably won't change - just the when and the what.