Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brussels Sprouts and Buffet Tables

So the next "clue" about the next Vintage Club release is even more vague than the first one:
"Collector favorite."
Yeesh. What vintage mold isn’t some collectors’ favorite? The original Racehorse? The Modernistic Buck and Doe? The Family Arabian Mare?

No, even they have their fan bases, small as they might be.

This is why I find it so uncool when some hobbyists incessantly bag on many Breyer molds on a regular basis, and do so with great relish. Fine, it ain’t your cuppa, but there’s no need to do so to demonstrate the superiority of your taste and refinement.

I like brussels sprouts, and most people don’t. It doesn’t mean I have a more (or less) sophisticated palate. All it means is that I have more options to choose from at the buffet table.

Speaking of food, you know what got me out of my bad mood the other day? Homemade brownies, from scratch!

I found a real simple recipe, and I already had all the ingredients on hand, so I whipped up a batch Thursday afternoon when I had a couple hours to kill before work. They turned out great - thick and fudgy, the way I like ‘em. The rest of the household apparently liked them - and needed them? - too, since all that’s left are a couple of crusty corner pieces.

I might make some cookies tomorrow; not that we need more sweets in the house, but I got my BreyerFest tickets today, and they made me want to break a few more eggs. Why do I keep getting 9:30 a.m. Friday Line Tickets? Argh!

I’m not going to worry about swapping out for another ticket time until we learn a little more about the Schedule of Events, and whether I have to do or be something for the duration.

I haven’t watched the Full Metal Jousting show on The History Channel yet, but it is neat that Reeves managed to snag a demo for BreyerFest; that’s one thing I hope I can make time in my schedule for. Wouldn’t it also be cool if they shot a bit for the show at BreyerFest? Aside from some footage that they made available to the media sometime in the mid-1990s, I don’t think there’s ever been any "national" coverage of the event itself, on the level of the San Diego Comicon.

(I knew about that footage because a coworker told me he "saw" me on the news - while he was on a ski vacation in Colorado, the following February! I wasn’t actually doing anything interesting, just walking past the camera or pointing at some models or something.)

They did have someone from ESPN shoot a story about BreyerFest sometime back then, too. I remember, because it was one of the years my brother came with me. When we were walking out of the park near the stone gate, we noticed the camera crew and an overly made-up blonde woman trying to "file" the story; we stood off to the side and snickered at her for about 5-10 minutes as she did some retakes.

I don’t think the story ever aired, or if it did, it was at some ungodly hour on one of the ESPN channels nobody watches anyway. (ESPN 8 - If it’s almost a sport, we’ve got it here!)

(Not saying that that’s how I think of it, but how I think they would.)

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Katie said...

If you have the opportunity, you should definitely check out Full Metal Jousting. The show is very interesting and doesn't have much drama like most reality shows where individuals are competing for money (aside from this week's episode, it's been pretty much drama free between the contestants). Something else I really like is that the coaches/host of the show demand the contestants respect their horses and treat them as their partner. It's refreshing to see the partnership as a forefront on the show, rather than just starring the contestants. I'm disappointed that I probably won't be making the trip to Breyerfest this year (final exams for my summer semester in grad school!), I would LOVE to see them in action and meet the people on the show.

By the way, I'm a huge fan of the blog, I've been religiously reading it for the past couple years. Would love to meet you at Breyerfest one of these times, you seem quite knowledgeable in the world of Breyer!